Still-Gedackt German
Stillgedeckt German
Quiet Gedackt English/German
Still Flute English

A soft-toned wooden Gedeckt of 8' or 4' pitch. Williams says: “Stillgedeckt was the stopped rank on a subsidiary manual used for continuo work in north-west or central German organs in the 17th-18th cents. Other stops could be lieblich...” Irwin claims that it is sometimes made of metal, and that Lochgedeckt is a synonym. Audsley calls it “practically identical” to the Barem. Adlung equates it with the Barem, Humangedackt and Musicirgedackt. Maclean defines Still Gedeckt as a 16' Lieblich Gedeckt, synonymous with Lieblich Bourdon.

See Zartgedeckt.


Osiris contains 4 dozen examples of Stillgedeckt at 16' and 8' pitch, and one example of Still Flute. No examples of Quiet Gedackt are known, which is mentioned only by Skinner. Contributions welcome.

Still Flute 4', Pedal; Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, Detroit, Michigan, USA; Skinner 1925.


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