Barem German

A quiet-toned covered stop of 16' or 8' pitch, dating from the time of Praetorius, around 1620. Adlung equates it with the Stillgedeckt. Audsley derives the name from the German word baren, meaning “to sing”; Maclean attributes that etymology to Praetorius. Wedgwood says it was a synonym for Musicirgedeckt, and sometimes Barpfeife. The latter is clearly incorrect; Wedgwood may have meant Baarpyp.

See Zartgedeckt.


All known examples are listed below.

Barem 8', Positiv; Passau Cathedral, Bavaria, Germany; Steinmeyer 1924-28.

Barem 8', Brustwerk; Lorenzkirche, Nürnberg, Germany; Steinmeyer 1937.


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