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The best description we have of Baarpijp comes from Grove, who says:

‘Baarpyp’ at Haarlem (1735-8) and in other Dutch organs of that period was a soft stop of tapered pipes. In earlier sources (from the late 16th century), often the same as Quintadena. The name may come from baar (Middle Dutch: ‘bright’) or barem (‘to scream’ [but see Barem]) or from the German Baar (‘pole’ or ‘rod’).

While Grove lists this stop under the name Baarpijp, only the name Baarpyp is cited in the text. This discrepancy may be attributable to the use of the letter “ÿ” (y umlaut) in the Dutch language as a replacement for the combination “ij”. Audsley and Wedgwood list Baarpyp as a synonym for Baarpfeife, but do not mention Baarpijp. Sumner agrees with Grove about Baarpijp, comparing it to the Gemshorn, but says that it “may be a false derivation from bauerpfeife (peasant flute)”. Maclean translates the name as “clear flute”. Irwin describes it only as “some type of Gemshorn or open Flute”.

The name Gemshorn-Baarpijp appears only in Williams, who says only that it was a 17th-century stop. It is not clear whether Gemshorn-Baarpijp was an actual stop-name, or Williams was referring to the type of Baarpijp which resembles the Gemshorn.


Osiris contains 30 examples of Baarpijp, most of them at 8', with a handful at 4'. All but one are flues (see below). The earliest known examples of Baarpijp are cited below, along with the only known examples of Baarpyp, both of which are flues.

Baarpijp 8', Bovenwerk; St. John's, Schiedam, Holland; Neijenhoff c1600.

Baarpijp 8', Oberwerk; Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland; Schonat 1655.

Baarpijp 8', Bovenwerk; Laurenskerk, Alkmaar, The Netherlands; 1685.

Baarpijp 16', Borstwerk (prepared); Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California, USA; Ruffatti. (This reed stop must be considered a misspelling of Baarpfeife.)

Baarpyp 8', Bovenmanuaal; Westerkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Duyschot 1686.

Baarpyp 8', Hoofdwerk; Immanuelkerk, Ermelo, Netherlands; Heerde 1981.


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