Lochgedackt German
Lochgedeckt German

Sumner lists this stop with the following definition:

Lochgedackt (German = perforated gedackt 4 ft. or 2 ft.) A very wide-scale metal gedackt, with a hole punched in the top of the canister at the top. The stop is used on both manual and pedal. The tone is not unlike that of a nachthorn.

Maclean describes its tone as midway between the Rohrflöte and the open Nachthorn. Irwin claims it to be a synonym for Stillgedeckt. Compare with Rohrflöte.


Only two examples are known, though Maclean asserts that the stop is often found in Moller organs.

Lochgedackt 8', Schwellwerk; Cathedral at Trier, Germany; Klais 1974.

Loch Gedeckt 4', Pedal; First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi, USA; Keates-Geissler 1990.


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