Lieblich Bourdon German
Lieblichbordun German

A soft-toned, small-scaled Bourdon, usually found at 16' pitch, often in Swell divisions. Bonavia-Hunt and Maclean consider it equivalent to the Lieblich Gedackt, but Audsley maintains that the tone of the Lieblichbordun has more of the 2nd upper partial than the Lieblichgedeckt. Irwin says that it lacks the lightness of tone of the Gedeckt. Wedgwood considers it equivalent to the Double Stopped Diapason. Audsley gives the scale of a Schulze Lieblichbordun at CCC as being 3 5/8" by 5" with a mouth 3 3/4" high.

It is not clear how this stop differs from the Bourdon Doux.


Osiris lists 34 examples of Lieblich Bordun/Bourdon at 16' pitch, and three at 8'. The examples listed below include the oldest ones known.

Lieblich Bordun 16', Choir; Church of St Batholomew, Armley, England; Schulze 1866.

Lieblich Bourdon 16', Swell; St. Joseph R.C. Church, Seattle, Washington, USA; Willis 1870. Formerly in Christ Church, Westgreen, London, England.

Lieblichbourdon 8', Swell; St. Mary's (Catholic) Cathedral, Peoria, Illinois, USA; Wicks 1937.

Sound Clips

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Lieblich Bourdon 16', Swell St. Anne's Church, Moseley, Birmingham, England Brindley & Foster, 1907 arpeggio St. Anne (8va)


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