Bourdon Doux French

A soft-toned Bourdon. Audsley describes it as being made of wood and metal, and “somewhat resembling in formation and tone the German Lieblichgedeckt”, but says nothing about what difference there may be. It is also not clear how this stop differs from the Lieblichbordun.


Osiris lists seven examples of Bourdon Doux at 8' pitch, 27 at 16', and one 32'. The examples listed below include the oldest ones known.

Bourdon Doux 8', Pedale; l'Eglise de le Trinité, Paris, France; Cavaillé-Coll 1868. This stop is no longer extant.

Bourdon Doux 8', Schwellwerk; Cathedral, Riga, Latvia; Walcker 1883 (restored 1983).

Bourdon Doux 16', Pedale; Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada; Casavant 1890.

Bourdon Doux 32', Pedale; First Park Congregational Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA; various.


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