Quartane (unknown)
Quarte (French)
Rauschquint[e] German
Quarta (unknown)
Quartain (unknown)
Rauschquarte German
Rauschwerk German

A compound stop of two or three unbroken ranks of open metal pipes, two of which stand an interval of a fourth apart (hence the names containing “quart”): 2' + 2-2/3' or 1' + 1-1/3'. Grove reports that these names were not used reliably until recently, and gives alternate definitions for Rauschwerk. A few sources equate these names with the Rauschpfeife, but most sources distinguish between them. Williams reports that early examples of the name Rauschquinte were flute or semi-flute Mixtures imitating a reed instrument. While the names beginning with “rausch” appear to derive from the German word rauschen, meaning “to rustle”, Williams considers that unlikely.

See Rauschzimbel, Doublette.




Osiris contains four examples of Quartane, and two of Quarta. Of the 27 examples of Quarte, only two are compound; the others are single 2' ranks, probably Quartes de Nasard. Of Rauschquint[e] there are 37 examples of II ranks, five of III ranks, 3 of IV, and one each of V and VI. No examples of Quartain or Rauschquarte are known. Contributions welcome.

Rauschquint II, Pedal; Village Church, Torrlosa, Sweden; Lorentz 1641, Fritzsche 1662. This is the oldest known example.

Rauschquint II, Rückpositiv; Thomaskirche, Leipzig, Germany; Scheibe 1721-22.

Quartane II-IV, Rückpositiv; Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland; Schnoat 1655. May have been added in 1668 or 1838-40.

Quartane II, Great; Cathedral, Norwich, Norfolk, England; Hill, Norman & Beard 1941.

Quarta 2-2/3' + 2', Manual I; Alexander Church, Tampere, Finland; Kangasala 1938.

Quarta II 2-2/3', Manual I; Lapua, Finland; Kangasala 1938.

Quarte 5-1/3' + 4', Pedal; Hofkirche, Luzern, Switzerland; Kuhn 1977.

Quarte II, Pedal; Stadtkirche St. Peter & Paul, Weimar, Germany; Walcker 1908.

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