Quarte de Nasard French
Quarte de Nazard French
Quarte French
Cart English

A 2' flute, usually open, sometimes with chimneys in the bass. Some sources incorrectly list these names as synonyms for Fifteenth, a principal. The name Cart is a corruption of Quarte used by Renatus Harris. Quarte has also been used as a synonym for Quartane.


Osiris contains 30 examples of Quarte de Nazard, 25 examples of Quarte de Nasard, and 29 examples of Quarte, of which two appear to be varieties of Quartane. The oldest ones are listed below. No examples are known of Cart. Contributions welcome.

Quarte de Nasard 2', Hoofdwerk; St. Gorikskerk, Brussels, Belgium; Balders 1686.

Quart 2', Positiv; Abbey, Ottobeuren, Germany; Riepp 1766.


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