Rauschwerk German

Grove defines this stop as follows::

Rauschwerk is frequently used to replace [Rauschpfeife or Rauschquinte]; but for early sources (e.g. A. Schlick, 1511), ‘Rauschwerk’ was a term denoting either a semi-Flute solo compound stop imitating a reed instrument, or a reed stop itself, probably of more refined tone than the Trompete.

Williams defines it only as a reed stop, as described by Grove.


All known examples are listed below. No examples are known of the reed form.

Rauschwerk V, Pedal; Kreuzkirche, Dresden, Germany; Jehmlich 1963.

Rauschwerk V, Schwellwerk; Dom, Halberstadt, Germany; Eule 1965.

Rauschwerk IV-V, Hauptwerk; Münster, Bonn, Germany; Klais 1982.

Rauschwerk IV, Pedal; Klosterkirche, Huysburg, Germany; Eule 1983.

Rauschwerk X, Bombarde; First Baptist Church, Jackson, Missouri, USA; Keates-Geissler 1990.


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