Quintadehn (unknown)
Quintadon English?
Quintaten English?
Quintathön German?
Quintatön German?
Quintaton English?
Hohlschelle German
Holschelle German
Quint de Tono (unknown)
Quinta ad Una (unknown)
Quintenor (unknown)
Quintgetön German?
Quintiden (unknown)
Quintiten (unknown)
Quintitenens (unknown)

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A stopped flute of 16', 8' or 4' pitch. This stop is practically synonymous with Quintadena and Quintade, though according to some authorities the amount of 3rd harmonic differs.

Tonal Attributes

The 3rd harmonic (twelfth) is very prominent, but less so than the Quintadena.


Stopped wood or metal. The illustration is Wedgwood's.


Unda Maris


Osiris contains 214 examples of Quintaton, 87 examples of Quintatoen, 26 examples of Quintaten, 9 of Quintadehn, 4 of Quintathön, and 3 of Quintadon. The most common pitch is 16', comprising 60% of the examples; one third are at 8' pitch, five at 32', and two each at 2' and 10-2/3' pitch. No examples of the other names are known. Contributions welcome.

Quintadon 16', Manual II; Parroquia de Santiago, Elizondo, Navarra, Spain; Aragonés 1923.

Quintadon 16', Great; First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denver, Colorado, USA; Casavant 1960.

Quintadon 12', Pedale; OLV-Kerk, Laken, Belgium; Schyven 1874. Judging by the stoplist, this is at 10-2/3' pitch.

Quintathön 16', Hauptwerk; Stadtkirche St. Johannes, Neustadt/Orla, Thuringia, Germany; Fincke 1724-28.

Quintathön 8, Oberwerk; Stadtkirche St. Johannes, Neustadt/Orla, Thuringia, Germany; Fincke 1724-28.

Quinta Thön 8', Haupt Manual; Stadtkirche, Nieder-Moos, Germany; Oestreich 1791.

Quintathon 16', Oberwerk; Marienkirche, Belzig, Brandenburg, Germany; Papenius 1745.

Sound Clips

Sound Clips

See the Sound Files appendix for general information.

Quintaton 16', Great Culver Academies, Indiana, USA Möller 1951 arpeggio St. Anne

See also sound clips for Quintadena.


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