Rohrquintade German?
Rohrquintaden German?
Rohrquintaton German?
Rohrquintadena German?

Rohrquintadena is listed only by Sumner, who says: 16 ft., 8 ft., 4 ft., or 2 ft. More lively in tone that [sic] Rohrflöte. Rohrquintade is mentioned only by Maclean, who gives it short, narrow chimneys and a narrow scale, as opposed to the wide scale of the Rohrflöte. Rohrquintaden and Rohrquintaton do not appear in the literature; we assume all four names to be more or less synonymous.

See Quintadena, Quintaton, Quintade.


No examples of Rohrquintadena are known. Contributions welcome.

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