Revision History


You can check this page to see what's been added since you last visited. Work continues on a regular basis, but slowly.

8 May 2015
3 March 2010
3 March 2010
Cuckoo – added sound clip.
20 Feb 2010
Doppelflote – added more info (Praetorius & Compenius).
25 Nov 2009
Harp, Doppelflote, Koppelflote, Gemshorn – added photos.
24 Nov 2009
Zauberflote, Viole Celeste – corrected builder under Sound Clips.
22 Aug 2009
Flute Magique – added more examples.
21 Aug 2009
Flute Conique, Viole Celeste, Viole de Gambe, Zauberflote – added sound clips from Culver Academy.
Corno d'Amore, Nachthorn – minor corrections.
13 Feb 2009
Viola, Viola Celeste, Cor de Nuit, Erzahler, Erzahler Celeste, Cor d'Amour, English Horn, Clarinet, Bombarde, Harp, Quintaton, Doppelflote, Gemshorn, Harmonic Flute, Fourniture, Cymbel, Geigen, Salicional, Voix Celeste, Flute Triangulaire, Plein Jeu, Contra Oboe, Oboe, Vox Humana, Chimes – added sound clips.
Flute Conique – added some clarification.
Spitzflote – added Flute Conique as a synonym.
12 Feb 2009
Gemshorn – fixed bogus sound clip.
Bourdon, English Horn, Flute Triangulaire, Vox Humana, Zauberflote – added photos.
Resultant, Nachthorn, Zimbelstern – added sound clips.
5 August 2008
Cor Glorieux – added more examples.
17 May 2008
Added sound files from Kellogg Auditorium.
28 January 2008
Harmonic Flute – finished entry.
23 January 2008
Orchestral Flute – finished entry.
20 January 2008
Violoncello, Violone – finished entries.
Violincello – added index entry.
12 January 2008
Mixtura Major – added index entry.
Holzkrummhorn, Holzposaune – added new entry files.
4 January 2008
Fourniture – finished entry.
3 January 2008
Cymbal – finished entry.
1 January 2008
Resultant – finished entry.
31 December 2007
Metallgedackt – added new entry file.
Flaut Travers, Principaal, Rorflojte, Salicionale, Singend Prinzipal – added index entries.
Cone Flute, Dolce – finished entries.
30 December 2007
Basun, Quintfluit, Roerquint – added index entries.
28 December 2007
Bordon, Quintadeen, Quintatoen – added index entries.
13 December 2007
Sesquialtera – finished entry.
11 December 2007
Zink – finished entry.
8 October 2007
Lituus – added example.
30 September 2007
Fistula Largior, Fistula Salicis, Oboe Gamba, Quadragesima, Quadragesima Terza – added examples.
Rinforzo a lingue – added example, etymology.
Subbasso – added new index entry.
29 September 2007
Amoroso, Avicinium, Bassetto, Bassanello, Bombardone, Cornamusa, Cornetto da Caccia, Decimasettima, Iula, Tibia Angusta, Tibia Vulgaris, Tromba, Vox Flebilis, Uccelli – added examples.
4 April 2007
Zauberflote – correction.
6 November 2006
Vox Balenae – added new example.
8 October 2006
Grossholzflot – added new entry file.
6 October 2006
Grober Posaunen-Untersatz – added new index entry.
5 October 2006
Oboe, Tuba – finished entries.
3 October 2006
Piccolo, Copula – finished entries.
2 October 2006
Stopped Diapason – finished entry.
27 September 2006
Added sound clips for Prudhoe Methodist.
21 September 2006
Oboe – added sound clips.
Trompette – added sound clips.
Fourniture – added sound clips.
20 September 2006
Tibia Clausa – added sound clips.
19 September 2006
Orchestral Oboe – added photos of labial oboe.
Cor Glorieux (labial Saxophone) – added photos.
11 September 2006
Curtal – added example.
Flute Fondamentale – added example.
10 September 2006
Oboe Gamba – added new example.
14 July 2006
Unda Maris – added new information.
24 April 2006
Serpent – added new example.
21 February 2006
Trichterdulzian – added new information.
Sordunregal – added photos.
Quintadena Celeste – added another example.
Musiziergedackt – added new index entry (#2600!), with example.
Musikgedackt – added examples.
Ludwigtone – added more examples
21 January 2006
Trompette Cuivre – added new entry file.
Euphonium – added another example.
21 January 2006
Clarabel Flute – added example.
Bois Celeste – added new entry file.
Cantus Flute – added another example.
Basse de ... / Dessus de ... – added new entry file.
Vox Inaudita – added missing Latin translations.
4 October 2005
Vox Balenae – added new entry file.
Galoubet, Oboe Gamba – added examples.
12 April 2005
Orchestral Violin, Violin – finished entries.
29 March 2005
Quintadena Celeste – added another example.
28 March 2005
Contra Trombone – added photos of Sydney 64' stop.
22 March 2005
Contra Trombone – added sound clip of Sydney 64' stop.
11 March 2005
Pastorita – added example.
Spitz Nazard – added new entry file.
10 March 2005
Zarthorn – added example.
9 March 2005
Pileata Maxima – added example.
Galoubet, Melotone, Solo Cello (Compton) – added new entry files.
4 December 2004
Added sound clips for Silbermann organ at Reinhardtsgrimma.
3 December 2004
Added sound clips for Cavaille-Coll organ at Mainz.
17 October 2004
Added sound clips for Buzard Opus 3 and Grace Lutheran.
1 October 2004
Added sound clips for First Baptist Riverside.
30 September 2004
Replaced all existing sound clips using licensed version of Hauptwerk (thus eliminating the periodic chime).
Added more sound clips for St. Anne's Moseley.
Fixed broken sound clip links.
Echo Bass, Flute Bass – added sound clips.
27 September 2004
Added the first set of sound clips.
Added "Downloads" and "Organs" appendices.
20 September 2004
Streichflote – added new entry file.
Orchestral Violin – split off separate entry file for Violin.
3 July 2004
Cymbelregal – added info from Mahrenholz.
Blinder Zug, Ductus inutilis, Exaudire, Manum de tabula, Nihil, Pro forma, Reliqua, Rest, Summar Zug, Swyger, Vacant, Vacat – added new index entries.
28 June 2004
Cembaloregal, Doppelkegelregal, Hellezimbel, Stentorflote, Stentorgambe – added examples.
Stentorgambe – added new index entry.
17 June 2004
Vox Retusa – added examples.
15 June 2004
Cembaloregal – added new entry file.
Zarthorn – added example.
26 February 2004
Waldflote – finished entry.
9 February 2004
Larigot – split off from Nineteenth into separate entry file; finished.
Nineteenth – finished entry.
6 February 2004
Voix Celeste, Vox Angelica – finished entries.
Engelstimme – added more examples.
31 January 2004
Grosse Tierce, Quarte de Nasard – added new entry files.
Fifteenth, Seventeenth, Tenth – finished entries.
30 January 2004
Octava Composita, Supersedecima – added new index entries.
22 January 2004
Nasard, Nasard Ouvert, Petite Tierce – added new entry files.
Twelfth – finished entry.
14 January 2004
Schalmei – finished entry.
18 November 2003
Tuba Mirabilis – finished entry.
13 November 2003
Ophicleide – finished entry.
12 November 2003
Geigen – finished entry.
11 November 2003
French Horn – finished entry.
1 November 2003
English Horn, Tromba – finished entries.
31 October 2003
Twenty-First, Twenty-Second – finished entries.
Septimenchor – added new entry file.
Entries 80% done, files 95% done!
30 October 2003
Flageolet – finished entry.
28 October 2003
Nasard Harmonique – finished entry.
Flageolette – added new index entry.
28 October 2003
Hellpfeife – added info from Maclean.
Flautino – finished entry.
25 October 2003
Chamade – added photo of St. Maximin.
21 October 2003
Added Google AdSense banners.
19 October 2003
Dwarsfluit – added index entry.
11 October 2003
Chamade, Trompette en Chamade – finished entries.
10 October 2003
Bombarde en Chamade – added new file.
4 September 2003
Gemshorn, Harmonic Trumpet, Spitzflote, Vox Humana – finished entries.
21 August 2003
Oktavenprincipal, Pammert, Passunen – added new index entries.
Pomart – added new entry file.
20 August 2003
Gedacktflotoktave, Klein Violn, Recordor – added new index entries.
Groben Principal, Doppelt – added new entry files.
19 August 2003
Flotedoucebass – added new entry file.
Flotedouce, Flote dupla, Flute dupla – added new index entries.
16 August 2003
Rohrflote – added new info, mostly from Adlung.
15 August 2003
Terzflote – added new entry file.
3 August 2003.
Cornetto da Caccia, Cornu – added new index entries.
Cornettin – added info from Adlung.
2 August 2003.
Orchestral Tuba – rewrote entry based on new info.
Corno da Caccia – added new index entry; added examples.
1 August 2003.
Flute de Bois – added new examples.
Nazat – added new index entry.
31 July 2003
Cantus Flute, Thubalflotchormass, Thubalflotoktave, Vigesima secunda fortis, Vigesima secunda suavis – added new entry files.
30 July 2003
Vogara – added source of name.
Scharf – corrected sentence regarding Septieme to credit Wedgwood rather than Williams.
Clavaeoline – added new index entry.
Grossprinzipalbass – corrected bibliography.
Sertin – added more info.
Bass Flute – added more example info.
3 June 2003
Repetirender Cymbel – added new entry file.
2500 entries!

2 June 2003
Gedaktflot Chormass, Gedaktflot Unter Chormass, Grobemixtur Unterchormass, Kleine Mixtur Chormass, Mixtur Chormass, Unterchormassbass – added new entry files.
Posaunbass – added new index entry.

1 June 2003
Posaunenbass Chormass, Posaunenbass Unterchormass, Trompetenbass, Trompetenbass Chormass – added new entry files.

21 May 2003
Guckguck, Vogelgeschrey – added new index entries.

16 May 2003
Glockleinton, Hohlflote, Hornbasslein, Tibia Angusta, Tibia Aperta, Tertian, Litice – added info from Adlung.
Holpfeife, Holpipe, Pileata Diapente, Salycional, Scharp, Tibia Sylvestria - added new index entries.
Oktavenbass, Stillprincipal, Superrohrflote – added new entry files.

15 May 2003
Dolziana, Dulcan, Dulzain, Holquinte – added new index entries.
Dolciano, Dulceon, Lieblichgedeckt – added info from Adlung.

14 May 2003
Larigot, Quint – added examples.
Global-replaced fractions to use hyphen instead of space to separate whole-number portion from fraction; e.g. "2 2/3" -> "2-2/3".
Doeff – added new index entry.
Franzosische Posaune – added new entry file.

13 May 2003
Decembass – added new entry file.
Feldpfeife, Piffaro, Schwiegeldiskant, Stahlspiel – added info from Adlung.
Feldtrommet, Rohrflotquint, Soldatenpfeife – added new index entries.

12 May 2003
Disdiapente, Flute Alemand, Flute d'Alemagne, Flute Traverse, Flute Traversa, Flote Traversa, Holzernprincipal, Holzpfeife, Paurlin, Sedetze, Sedex, Sesquioctava, Siefflit, Sivflojte, Sivflot, Sufflot, Transversa, Traversiere, Zyfflot – added new index entries.
Harfenprincipal, Hellpfeife, Pfeiferflote, Sedecima, Sifflote – added info from Adlung.
Gedackte Italienische Quinte, Querflotenbass, Supergedackt – added new entry files.

11 May 2003
Cymbeloktave, Halber Cornet – added new entry files.
Cornet de Recit – added info from Adlung.

5 May 2003
Cymbelstern – added info from Adlung.

4 May 2003
Quintathon, Quintiden, Quintitenens, Quintadehn, Quintenor, Quintgemshorn, Cymbelglocklein, Zimbelglocklein, Stern – added new index entries.
Quintatonbass, Quintatonsubbass – added new entry files.

3 May 2003
Kleinhohlflote – added more info.
Octave Gemshorn, Kleingemshorn, Kleinoktav[e], Nasatquinte, Quintnasat, Querpipe, Quindecima, Quint de Tono, Quinta ad Una - added new index entries.
Kutzialflote – added info from Adlung.
Quarta Decima – added new entry file.

1 May 2003
Grossrohrflotenbass, Grossgemshornbass, Grosse Sesquialtera, Grossquerflote, Kleinquerflote – added new entry files.
Grossgemshorn – added new entry file (split off from Double Gemshorn).
Grossflachflote – added info from Adlung.
Grossoktave – added new index entry; added info from Adlung; added examples.
Grossquintenbass – added new entry file (split off from Sub Quint).
Exceeded 2400 entries!

30 April 2003
Grossrohrflote – added new entry file.

21 April 2003
Grosshohlflote – added info from Adlung.
Grossprastant, Grossprincipalbass – added new index entry.
Grossprinzipalbass – added new entry file (split off from ContraPrincipal).
Prinzipalbass – added new entry file (split off from ContraPrincipal).

21 April 2003
Flute, Fourniture, Gedeckt – added examples.
Fleut, Fluit, Fletna, Fluste, Forniture, Fournitura – added new index entries.

20 April 2003
Flachflote, Zymbelscharf – added info from Adlung.
Scharfzimbel – deleted file; combined with Zymbelscharf.
Diapente Pileata, Doris, Fistula Largior, Flachpfeife, Gedackte Quinteflote - added new index entries.

18 April 2003
Cimbel, Copendoff, Coppelflute, Coppeloktave, Cuspida, Koppeldone, Koppel Flute - added new index entries.
Coppendoff, Coppeldone, Koppelflote, Koppeloktav – added info from Adlung.

17 April 2003
Bombarde, Pombarda – added info from Adlung.
Bombardo, Bombart, Pombart – added new index entries.

16 April 2003
Fuchsschwanz – added info from Adlung.

12 April 2003
Humangedackt, Hummelchen, Jula, Mittelflote, Musicirgedackt, Stillgedackt – added info from Adlung.
Musikgedackt – added new index entry.

11 April 2003
Grosssubbass, Grossunterbass, Thubal, Thubalflote, Unterbass, Violdigambenbass, Violenbass – added new index entries.
Offenflote, Jubal, Jubalflote – added info from Adlung.

10 April 2003
Violet, Violdigamba, Violdigambe, Violadigamba – added new index entries.
Octave Viola – added examples.
Viol – added info from Adlung.

6 April 2003
Bauerflotenbass – added new entry file.
Fugara – added info from Adlung.

5 April 2003
Klingende Cymbel – added info from Adlung.
Klein Octavengemshorn – added new index entry.
Klein Ranket, Kleine Hohlflote, Kleinflachflot – added new entry files.

4 April 2003
Kleine Flote – added new index entry.
Kleine Mixtur, Kleiner Cymbel – added info from Adlung.

3 April 2003
Bauerflote, Gelindgedeckt, Kleinflotenbass – added info from Adlung.
Bauerlin – added new index entry.

2 April 2003
Sordunenregal, Suptilesregal, Suptilregal – added new index entries.
Subtilregal, Trichterregal – added info from Adlung.

1 April 2003
Kleinregalbass, Spitzflotenbass – added new entry file.
Spitzpfeife, Starkregal – added new index entries.
Grossregal, Harfenregal, Kleinregal, Knopfregal, Kopflinregal, Scharfregal – added info from Adlung.

31 March 2003
Cylinderquint – added info from Adlung.
Basse de Cromhorne, Blockflotenbass, Chormorne, Dunecken – added new entry files.
Blockpipe, Borduna, Kegel, Plochflot, Plockpfeife, Cilinderquint – added new index entries.

30 March 2003
Cymbelregal, Geigenregal, Jungfernregal, Lieblichflote, Schalmeibass, Schonprincipal, Singendregal – added info from Adlung.
Jungfernregalbass, Lieblich Gemsquinte, Lieblichpfeif, Messingregal Singend – added new entry files.
Disdiapason, Disdisdiapason, Geigenregalchen, Gemsquinte, Gingrina, Schallmey, Schallmeybass – added new index entries.

28 March 2003
Cymbelbass – added new entry file.
Jungfernstimme, Waldhorn – added info from Adlung.
Jungferstimme, Vox Virginea – added new index entries.

27 March 2003
Barpfeife, Schreier – added info from Adlung.
Barpipe, Bahrpfeife, Baarpfeife, Beerpfeife, Beerpipe, Behrpfeife, Kleinschreyer, Nasarde, Nasatflote – added new index entries.

26 March 2003
Apfelregal – added info from Adlung.
Basse contre – added new index entry.

22 March 2003
Aequal, Engelstimme – added info from Adlung.
Angelica, Aqual Gemshorn – added new index entries.

21 March 2003
Barem, Botze, Ludwigtone, Unda Maris, Weitprincipal – added info from Adlung.
Cornon, Onda Maris – added new index entries.

16 March 2003
Rohrflote: finished entry.

12 March 2003
Add new entry file: Orchestral Tuba

11 March 2003
Add new entry file: Corno Camoscio

10 March 2003
Add new index entries: Stop Diapason, Stop't Diapason

1 March 2003
Fixed about 100 broken links.
Added sponsorship notices.

20 January 2003
Barpfeife, Quint Flute, Rankett, Regal, Schweizerflote, Schwiegel, Sedecima, Sordun, Sordunregal, Tertian, Unda Maris, Vogelgesang – added info from Williams.
Quinte-Flute, Quinte Viola, Scheelpijpen, Schreyerpfeife – added new index entries.

17 January 2003
Prastant – added new index entry.
Rauschendezimbel, Rauschpfeife, Rauschquinte, Rauschwerk – added info from Williams.

16 January 2003
Holflote, Tertscymbel, Terzcymbel – added new index entries.
Hoorn, Koppeldous – added new entry files.
Hornli, Nasardos, Physharmonica, Tapadillo, Terzzimbel – added info from Williams.
French Horn – added examples.

15 January 2003
Corneta Clara – added more examples.
Cornet – added info from Williams; called it done.
Contras – added new entry file.

13 January 2003
Cuckoo, Echo Flute, Flute d'Amour, Glockleinton, Musette, Offenbass, Offenflote, Orlos, Petit Nasard, Pfeife, Quintviole, Vogelgesang - added info from Williams.
Octava de Ecos, Octava de Nasardos, Portunen, Schwegli, Simbala, Tonus Faber Quint-viola – added new index entries.
Ottavino, Trompes – added new entry files.

12 January 2003
Harmonica, Harp, Hautboy-Cornet – added info from Williams.
Koppeldoof, Jeu en Montre – added new index entries.

11 January 2003
Flute, Flute de Pedale, Flute Ouverte, Fugara, Lieblich Gedeckt, Gedecktpommer – added info from Williams.
Flute a Neuf Trous – split off from Flute a Bec into its own file.
Flute en Fusee, Flute Traversine, Gedackt Lieblich, Gedackt-Pommer, Locatie, Location, Mixtuer, Micxtuere, Nachsatz, Positie, Positien, Usignuolo – added new index entries.
Fourniture Cymbalisee – added new entry file.
Concert Flute – added example counts.

10 January 2003
Devanture, Dolciana, Flauta Travesiera, Monster, Mostra, Parade, Touzijn - added new index entries.
Dolcan, Dulzian, Flachflote, Flauto Allemano, Flauto Reale, Flote Major – added info from Williams.
Flautat Principal, Fluta – added new entry files.

9 January 2003
Coppeldoef, Coppelfluit, Cornetto Primo, Cornetto Secondo, Cornetto Terzo, Dolce Suono, Dolceaan, Dulcinus, Dultzen, Dulzaen, Dulzaina, Dulziana, Fagott, Flauto Coperto – added new index entries.
Combined Cornetto in with Corneta; added info from Williams.
Cornetti, Flauto Aperto – added new entry files.
Cornettin, Cornetz a Boucquin, Corno Dolce, Piffaro – added info from Williams.

8 January 2003
Dotzena Nazarda, Echo Trompete, Fagotte, Pusaun, Quinzieme – added new index entries.
Faberton – added info from Williams.

7 January 2003
Detzem, Diez – added new index entries.
Dessus de Flute – added info from Williams.

5 January 2003
Mollterz – added new example.
Mollters – added new index entry.
Carillon, Chimes – added info from Williams.

4 January 2003
Dulzgedackt, Engelstimme, Grossflachflote, Musicirgedeckt, Quintviole – replaced translation of German quotation.

3 January 2003
Cornet – added section on Neo-Classicism.
Barpfeife, Double Ophicleide – added more examples.
Tintinabulum – added new entry file.
Schreier – replaced translation of German quotation.
Broke "Definitions Needed" and "Examples Needed" out into separate pages.

26 December
Post Horn – added more examples.

11 December
Made minor updates to the following appendices: About This Encyclopedia, About This Web Site, Copyright, Information Needed.

23 November
Chimes, Flute a Biberon, Ludwigtone, Posaune, Trompette en Chamade, Vox Humana – added photos.

20 November
Rohrflote – added photos.

13 November
Harmonic Trumpet – added photo.

No progress for over 2 months, due to my moving into a motor home and becoming a nomadic software engineer.

5 September
Doppelflote – finished entry.

3 September
Cornopean – finished entry.

2 September
Bassethorn, Clarabella – finished entries.
Tibia Profunda – added new info.
Jubelhorn, Paanshorn – added new index entries.

1 September
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th – added new entry file.

30 August
Tenoroon – added example.

24 August
Added "Distinct Stops" appendix.

16 July
Flauto Dulcio – fixed minor errors.
Fullflote – finished entry.
Geigenregal – fixed errors in examples.
Solo Prinzipal-Flote – added missing indication of a quote from Wedgwood.

No progress for most of June and July, due to my moving from Massachusetts to Vermont. Stay tuned.

30 June
Double Salicional – added new examples.

6 June
Plein Jeu Harmonique – completely rewritten.
Fourniture Harmonique, Cymbale Harmonique – added new entry files.

1 June
Synthematophon – added another example.

30 May
Fixed broken WebRing code.
Kopfregal – added another example.

29 May
Tibia Rurestris – added example.

27 May
Viol d'Amore – added new index entry.
Removed broken WebRing code.

20 May
Cubus – made corrections per Oberlinger.

15 May
Buzain – added more info and another example.
Klingend Cymbel – added new index entry.
Kupferflote, Melodic – added examples.

5 May
Harmonique Piccolo, Octavina Harmonique, Quintet Bass, Trompet Harmonique, Viol di Gamba – added new index entries.
Waldflote – added examples.
Krummhorn, Suavial – added info from H&R.

4 May
Salicional – finished entry.
Fistula Salicis – added new index entry.
Scharf – added compositions from H&R.

3 May
Salicet, Sifflote – finished entries.
Sexta, Solacinal – added new index entries.

2 May
Aeoline, Dulciana – finished entries.
Dolciano – added new entry file.

30 April 2002
Flute Octaviante Harmonique, Keraulophone, Oboe Flute – added info from H&R.
Flute Octaviente Harmonique – added new index entry.

22 April 2002
Full Mixture – added info from H&R.

21 April 2002
Double Trumpet, Doublette – added info from H&R.
Double Twelfth, Flauto Camino – added new index entries.
Doppelflote, Rohrflote – added examples.

20 April 2002
Cubus – added new entry file.

15 April 2002
Jungfrauenregal – added new index entry.

14 April 2002
Tenoroon Dulciana, Tenoroon Trumpet – added new entry files.
Tenoroon – added info from H&R.
Double Hautboy – added new index entry.

7 April 2002
Clarionet Flute, Cone Gamba, Contra Gamba – added info from H&R.
Clear Mixture – added new entry file.

5 April 2002
Bibliography – moved Hopkins & Rimbault to active list.
Bass Clarionet – added new index entry; added info from H&R.

3 April 2002
Tuba Mirabilis, Haskell Basses – added pointers to patent info.

26 March 2002
Ludwigtone, Trompeta Bastarda – added more examples.

22 March 2002
Sound Files – added St. Anne score fragment for solo stops.
Nasard a Fuseau, Petit Bourdon – added new entry files.
Nasard en Cheminee – added new index entry.
Plein-Jeu – added info from Bedos.

20 March 2002
Pombarda – added info from Williams.
Bombarde, Bourdon a Cheminee, Cromorne, Grand Cornet, Gros Nasard – added info from Bedos.
Basse de Viole – added new entry file.

19 March 2002
Klarinettbass – added new entry file.
Klarinett[e] – added index entries.
Jula – added info from Williams.

17 March 2002
Haskell Basses – added new appendix.
Bibliography – added Barnes, Callahan, PIPORG-L.

14 March 2002
Heckelphone – added photos.

13 March 2002
Orage – added new index entry.
Trompeta Bastarda – added photo; corrected Braga example info.
Heckelphone – added more examples.

11 March 2002
Compuestas – added more examples.

7 March 2002
Clarion – added examples.

6 March 2002
Clarabella – added examples.

5 March 2002
Holtzgedeckt, Holzgedackt – added new index entries.

3 March 2002
Dulciane – added new index entry.

15 February 2002
Grosse Cymbale, Musette, Regal – added info from Bedos.
Grosse Fourniture – added new entry file.

7 February 2002
Clarinet – finished entry.

29 January 2002
Cornet Clara et al, Hemiol, Stahlspiel – added info from Williams.
Cornette de Caccia – added new entry file.

27 January 2002
Tuba Profunda, Whistle – added info from Strony.
Viol d'Orchestre – added new index entry.
Combined entry files for Viole Celeste and Viole d'Orchestre Celeste.
Violin Celeste – added new entry file.
Done with first pass through Strony!
Stillgedeckt, Tromboni, Tromboncini – added info from Williams.

26 January 2002
Tibia Mollis, Waldhorn – added information provided by Stephen D. Smith.
Pajaros – added new index entry.
Updated the Style Sheet for major/minor stop names.
Tibia Quint – added new entry file.

15 January 2002
Quintadena Celeste, Sub Tierce – added new index entries.
Serpent, Solo Tibia Clausa, Solo Vox Humana, Tibia Clausa, Tibia Minor - added info from Strony.
Solo Trumpet, Tibia Bass – added new entry files.

14 January 2002
Octave Viol – added info from Strony.

8 January 2002
Horn Diapason, Kinura, Lieblich Flute, Musette, Muted Violin, Octave Horn, Oboe Horn – added info from Strony.
Octave Celeste – added new entry file.
Viol Celeste – added new index entry.

6 January 2002
Flute Celeste – added info from Strony.
French Trumpet, Gambette Celeste – added new entry files.

5 January 2002
Brass Trumpet – replaced photo.
Clarion Mirabilis, Concert Violin, Concert Violin Celeste, Contra Viole – added new entry files.
Exceeded 1000 entry files!
Cornet, Diaphonic Horn, Double English Horn, Double String, Double Trumpet, English Horn, Fife, Flute, Muted Cornet – added info from Strony.

3 January 2002
Brass Trumpet – added new entry file.
Cor Glorieux – fixed bogus link.

2 January 2002
Improved Links appendix.
Style D Trumpet – added new index entry; added info from Strony.

30 December 2001
Waldhorn – added info from Maclean.
Bass Saxophone, Deutsche Flote, Weitflote – added new index entries.
Bass, Bass Solo String, Zartbass – added new entry files.

29 December 2001
Baryton, Egyptian Horn, Unda Maris, Viole d'Amour, Viole Sourdine, Violflote, Voce Umana, Wienerflote – added info from Maclean.
Tuba Horn – split off from Bass Horn into separate entry file.
Clarion Horn – added new entry file.
Cornet de Violes – added new index entry.

27 December 2001
Trompetta Argentea – added new entry file.
Fan Tuba, Trompette Militaire – added info from Maclean.

26 December 2001
Made minor improvements to auto-generated index files.
Viegas – added new index entry.
Tiorba, Violeta – added info from Maclean.
Violeta de Madera – added new entry file.

25 December 2001
Clarin de Bajos – rewrote entry based on info from Maclean.
Contras de Bombardas, Trompeta Recordata – added new index entries.
Trompeta de Caballa, Dulzayna/Regalia – added new entry files.
Gaitas – added info from Maclean.

24 December 2001
Tibia Dura, Tibia Major, Tibia Mollis – added info from Maclean.
Crash Cymbal, Klaxon Horn, Muted Snare Drum, Steamboat Whistle, Surf, Tap Cymbal – added new index entries.

22 December 2001
Syntheton – added new entry file.
Terpodion – added info from Maclean.
Holzharmonica, Theorbo – added new index entries.
Trompetenregal – added examples.
Theorbe – rewrote entry file with new info from Williams and Maclean.

21 December 2001
Viola da Gamba – added examples.
Suavial, Sylvestrina – added info from Maclean.
Synthematophon – added new entry file.

20 December 2001
Baarpijp, Baarpyp: added info about ÿ and ij.

19 December 2001
Grosse Spitzflote – added new entry file.
Stenthorn – added info from Maclean.

17 December 2001
Singend Gedeckt, Sordunregal, Spillflote, Muted Viol – added info from Maclean.
Sertin, Gemshorn Diapason – added new index entry.
Spillgedeckt – added new entry file.

15 December 2001
Sedecima – split from Sifflote into its own entry file.
75% done! (1576 of 2101 entries)

14 December 2001
Saxophone – added info from Maclean and Strony.
Brass Saxophone, Schreipfeife, Swegel, Undezime – added new index entries.
Tredezime, Schweizergamba – added new entry files.
Schwebung, Schwegel – added info from Maclean.
Bockschwebung – removed entry file. It's a tremulant, not a stop.

6 December 2001
Mutations – filled in some blanks in the table; added a frequency chart.

5 December 2001
Humangedeckt – completely rewrote entry.
Mittelgedeckt, Gambenbass – added translations for German quotations.
Doppelflotenbass – improved translation for German quotation.
Viola di Gambenbass – added new index entry.

28 November 2001
Barduen – added example.

13 November 2001
Solamine – added new index entry.
Salamine – added info from Maclean.

12 November 2001
Pyramid Diapason, Rohrgedeckt, Rohrquintaden, Rohrschalmei – added info from Maclean.
Querfloit, Rohrquintade, Rohrquintaton – added new index entry.

11 November 2001
Glockenspiel, Harp, Marimba, Philomela, Piffaro, Portunal – added info from Maclean.

10 November 2001
Muted Horn – added new entry.
Split Muted Violin into three separate files: Muted Viol, Viole Sourdine, Muted Viole.
Nason, Night Horn – added info from Maclean.
Oboe Horn – added info from Strony.
Pedal Open Wood – added new index entry.

9 November 2001
Split Flute Conique and Conical Flute into separate files.

8 November 2001
Principalflote – added new index entry.
Muted Diapason – added new entry.

7 November 2001
Keraulophone, Kutzialflote, Koppelflote, Krumet, Kurzflote, Ludwigtone, Melodia, Melophone, Stillgedeckt – added info from Maclean.
Kewzialflote – added new index entry.
Koppelgedeckt, Muted Cornet – added new entries.

5 November 2001
Flaut Hemiol, Italian Principal, Tenoroon – added info from Maclean.
Curtal, Hemiolflote – added new index entries.

4 November 2001
Harmonica, Holzprincipal, Horn Diapason, Hultze Glechter – added info from Maclean.

3 November 2001
Gedecktpommer, Geigen Octave, Harfenprinzipal: added info from Maclean.
Octave Geigen, Principal Amabile, Principalino, Singend Principal: added new index entries.

2 November 2001
Flute Triangulaire, Fugara: added info from Maclean.
Flute Pyramidale: added new index entry.
Joined the "Organ Builders and Dealers" web ring.

1 November 2001
Flauto Amabile, Flauto Mirabilis, Flugelhorn, Flute Creuse, Flute Bouchee Harmonique, Flute Courte, Flute Ouverte, Flue Cor Anglais, Lieblichflote: added info from Maclean.
Labial Reeds: added new appendix.
Flute d'Allemagne: added new index entry.

31 October 2001
Cornet des Violes, Cornet a Pavillon, Diapason Phonon, Dolcan, Doublette, Echo Dulciana, English Diapason, English Post Horn, Fernhorn: added info from Maclean.
English Post Horn: added info from Strony.
Diapason Conique, Englisch Prinzipal: added new index entry.
Dulcetina, Corno Tromba: added new entries.

29-30 October 2001
Cor de Nuit: split off from Nachthorn into separate entry file.
Cor de Nuit Celeste, Nachthorngedackt: added new entries.
Nachthorn: finished entry.

28 October 2001
Baarpijp, Barem, Baryton, Bauerflote, Bifara, Celestina, Choralbass, Choralflote, Chrysoglott, Clarabella, Dolcissimo, Double Trumpet, Feldflote: added info from Maclean.
Bachflote, Basset, Bells, Closed Horn: added new entries.
Schallflote: added new index entry.
Combined Celesta & Chrysoglott entries.

27 October 2001
Added Strony to the Bibliography.
Geigenregal, Jungfernregal, Messingregal, Singendregal: added info from Williams.

26 October 2001
Holzernes Gelachter, Terpodion, Tibia Profunda, Trichterregal: added info from Williams.
Duytsche Fluyt, Duytsche Hooren, Stillposaune, Traversine: added new entries.
Hultze Glechter, Traversa: added new index entries.

25 October 2001
Trombe Dolce, Trombe Reale, Trompetenregal: added new entries.
Trompeta Bastarda, Trompeta Magna, Trompeta Real: added info from Williams.
Trompeta Alta: added new index entry.
Became part of the Pipe Organ Web Ring (by invitation).

24 October 2001
Clain Suave, Clavaeoline, Cornet d'Allemagne, Jubal, Jubalflote, Viejas/Viejos, Violeta, Viola d'Amore: added info from Williams.
Viol d'Amour: added new index entry.
Corno Inglese, Ung Cornet: added new entries.

23 October 2001
Tolkaan: added example.
Bajoncillo y Clarin, Violon, Vox Pueri/Tauri, Waldhorn: added info from Williams.
Krummhorn: added missing Williams bibliography.
Violichen: added new entry.

21 October 2001
Sesquialtera, Spitzflote, Sub Bass, Super Octave, Tenth, Tibia, Tierce, Tromba, Trombone, Tuba, Tuba Clarion, Tuba Minor, Tuba Mirabilis, Tuba Profunda, Tuba Sonora, Twelfth, Viola, Viole d'Orchestre, Violin Diapason, Violone, Voix Celeste, Vox Angelica, Vox Humana, Wald Flute, Stopped Diapason: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Stentorphone, Still Gedackt, Suabe Flute, Unda Maris, Viola Pomposa, Voile Celeste, Viola d'Amore, Violina, Waldhorn, Piano: added info from Skinner.
Still Flute, Quiet Gedackt, Viol Sourdine: added new index entries.
Zinghorn, Zweckpfeife, Zwercke Starke: added new entries.
Added missing cross-reference links for Unda Maris, Quintaphon.

20 October 2001
Principal Flute, Quint Flute, Quint Trombone, Scharf: added info from Skinner.
Quint, Quintadena, Quintaton, Ripieno, Septieme: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Quintaphon: added new entry.
Combined entries for Quint Flute and Flute Quint.
Scharf: finished entry.

19 October 2001
Oboe d'Amore, Octave, Ophicleide, Piccolo, Posaune, Prestant, Principal: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Orchestral Oboe, Philomela, Plein Jeu: added info from Skinner.
Double Ophicleide: added new entry.
My son Jacob Arthur Corwin was born.

18 October 2001
Horn Diapason, Keraulophone, Larigot, Melodia, Mixture, Muted Viole, Nachthorn, Nazard: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Kleiner Erzahler, Musette, Oboe: added info from Skinner.
Nachthorn: added examples.

16 October 2001
Flute Celeste, Flute Couverte, Flauto d'Amore, Flute Octaviante, Flute Triangulaire, Gamba Celeste, Gemshorn, Glockenspiel, Grave Mixture, Grand Fourniture, Gross Flute, Gross Gedackt, Harmonica, Harmonics, Heckelphone: added info from Skinner.
Flute Dolce: added new index entry.
Flute Harmonique, Fourniture, French Horn, Fugara, Full Mixture, Gamba, Dolcan, Gambette, Gedeckt, Geigen, Harmonia Aetheria, Harmonic Piccolo, Hohlflote: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Gemshorn, Glockenspiel: added examples

14 October 2001
Replaced "???" with "(unknown)" in name headings.
Flauto Mirabilis: added info from Skinner, and examples.
Flauto Traverso, Flote: added bibliography entries for Skinner.

12 October 2001
Grob...: added more information.
Grosse Flote: added new index entry; added new example.

10 October 2001
Added <!--NAMES--> marker to every entry file to better support automated tools.

6 October 2001
Added Statistics appendix.

4 October 2001
Erzahler, Euphone, Euphonium, Flauto Amabile: incorporated info from Skinner.
Fernflote, Fifteenth, Flageolet, Twenty First, Flautino, Flauto Dolce, Flauto Major: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Split Euphone and Euphonium into different entry files.
ConicalFlute, ContraViola, DoubleClarinet: replaced mysteriously blown away EOL's.

3 October 2001
Dolcissimo, Doppelflote, Doublette, Dulciana, Echo: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Dulcet, Dulciana Cornet, Cornet des Violes, Echo Gamba: incorporated info from Skinner.
Cross-referenced "softest" stops: Dolcissimo, Echo Dulciana Celeste, Echo Gamba, Fernflöte, Viola d'Amore, Vox Angelica, Vox Mystica.
Echo Lieblich: added new entry.

1 October 2001
Flugel Horn: incorporated info from Skinner.
Cornet, Bassett Horn, Cornopean, Cymbal, Open Diapason, Dolce: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Corno d'Amore: added more info.
Dolce: added examples.
Updated Introduction and About This Encyclopedia.

28 September 2001
Resultant, Aeoline, English Horn, Fagotto, Bombarde, Bourdon, Chimes, Celeste, Violoncello, Chamade, Rohrflote, Clarabella, Clarinet, Clarinet Flute, Clarion, Compensating Mixture, Concert Flute, Contra Bass, Nachthorn: added bibliography entries for Skinner.
Bass Flute, Carillon, Celesta, Celestina, Gross Gamba, Claribel Flute, Cor d'Amour: incorporated info from Skinner.
Angle Horn, Contra Bass: added new index entries.

8 September 2001
Cornehorne, Storte, Zampogna: added new index entries.

Cornemeuse, Gaitas, Krummhorn: incorporated info from Williams.

7 September 2001
Brummbass: added example.

5 September 2001
La Force: added new entry.

3 September 2001
Clarin Real, Claron: incorporated info from Williams.
Clarinete: added new entry.

30 August 2001
Chalemoy, Chalmouii: added new index entries.
Compuestas, Chirimia, Choralbass: incorporated info from Williams.
Choral, Choralmixtur: added new entries.
Zymbelstern: added Clochettes as a synonym, with examples.
Corrected incorrect information about "Clochettes" in entries for Jeu de Clochette, Cymbelstern and Glockenspiel.

28 August 2001
Bassetto, Basskornett: added new entries.
Bauernflote: incorporated info from Williams.
Bordoncino: added new index entry.

25 August 2001
Akkordglocken, Gemshorn-Baarpijp: added new index entries.
Baarpijp, Bajete, Zimbelstern: incorporated info from Williams.

16 August 2001
Added Timeline of Organ History appendix.

14 August 2001
Diaphonic Bassoon, Diaphonic Horn, Labial Oboe, Saxophone, Seraphonpfeife, Slotted Flute, Stentorphone, Viola, Violin, Violone – added large pictures.

13 August 2001
Cello, Contrabass, Flauto Dolce, Flauto d'Amore – added large pictures.
Optimized about 3 dozen images, resulting in a 50%-75% reduction in size, including the front page background and stop-tab A-Z index image.

12 August 2001
Bassoon, Clarabella, Clarinet, Cor Anglais, Corno di Bassetto, Diapason, Double Diapason, Flauto d'Amore, Flute a Pavillon, Flute Harmonique, Harmonica – added large pictures.
Fixed many broken links in Illustrations appendix.

11 August 2001
Gemshorn, Horn, Keraulophone, Oboe, Orchestral Oboe, Physharmonika, Rohrflote – added large pictures.
Voce Flebile – added example.
Fixed missing/broken 'P' index.

10 August 2001
Back to work again after much thrashing with problems with FTP tools.
Spindelflote, Trumpet, Tuba Mirabilis (labial), Wood Diapason – added large pictures.

18 July 2001
Nitsua / Voix Seraphique – added new entry.

11 July 2001
Speelfluit, Spielflote, Spielpfeife, Spillpfeife – added entries.

10 July 2001
Stentorphone – finished entry.
Seraphonpfeife – made corrections.
Dulzianregal – added example.

5 July 2001
Unda Maris – finished entry.

4 July 2001
Krummhorn, Melodia – finished entries.

3 July 2001
Lieblichgedeckt – finished entry.

2 July 2001
Hohlflote – finished entry.

1 July 2001
Holzprinzipal, Keraulophone – finished entries.

27 June 2001
Violflote, Septimenkornet – added more examples.
Tierce Harmonique – added new entry.

25 June 2001
Basszink, Flauto Doris, Flauto Dulcio: added new entries.
Noli me tangere: added info about Riga example.
Dolcan: finished entry.

21 June 2001
Jubalflote, Seraphonpfeife: finished entries.
Double Open Wood, Octave Wood: added new entries.
Open Wood: added a real description.

20 June 2001
Officially retired the mailing list, which never had much traffic anyway.
Notified lots of web directories and search engines about the URL change.
Updated a number of appendices.
Messingregal: added example.
Glockenzimbel: added more info.

19 June 2001
Spindelflote, Zartflote – finished entries.
Copied the site to "". Began removing files (big pictures) from the old site.

15 June 2001
Choralbass, Fernflote – finished entries.

14 June 2001
Regal, Terpodion – finished entries.

12 June 2001
Physharmonika – finished entry.

11 June 2001
Horn Diapason – finished entry.
Dulcet – added more info.

7 June 2001
Dulcet, Harmonia Aetheria – finished entries.

6 June 2001
Fugara, Harmonica – finished entries.

5 June 2001
Bombarde, Musette – finished entries.

4 June 2001
Blockflote, Flute a Bec, Recorder – finished entries.

31 May 2001
Cremona, Flauto d'Amore – finished entries.

30 May 2001
Bordunalflote, Celestina, Claribel Flute – finished entries.

23 May 2001
Bauerflote, Euphone, Flachflote – finished entries.
TWO-THIRDS DONE! (1337 of 1983 entries; 820 of 933 entry files).

23 May 2001
Bass Flute, Schulze Diapason – finished entries.

22 May 2001
Orchestral Oboe, Quintadena, Muted Violin – finished entries.

20 May 2001
Barem, Rankett, Rauschwerk, Rauschflote, Rauschquinte, Sanftflote, Sanftgedeckt, Schweizerflote, Schwiegel, Serpent, Spitzgamba, Stillgedeckt, Tertian – finished entries.
Double Basset Horn – added new info.

19 May 2001
Major Flute, Tibia, Tuba Clarion, Viola d'Amore, Zauberflote – finished entries.
Flute Double – added new index entry.

15 May 2001
Plein Jeu, Progressio Harmonica, Suabe Flute – finished entries.
Plein Jeu Harmonique – added examples.

14 May 2001
Lieblichbordun, Bourdon Doux, Sackbut – finished entries.
Plein Jeu – added more info.
Doucaine – added new synonym for Dulzian.

9 May 2001
Gambette – finished entry (combined with Octave Gamba).
Octavin – modified entry.

7 May 2001
Doublette – finished entry.

1-3 May 2001
Carillon, Chimes, Glockenspiel, Octavin – finished entries.
Flute Octavin Harmonique, Flute Octaviante Harmonique – added new info.
Campana, Cloches, Clochettes, Jeu de Clochette – cleaned up.

30 April 2001
Diapason Phonon, Dulcayna, Dulceon, Dulzian – finished entries.

26 April 2001
Compentating Mixture, Corno Dolce – finished entries.

25 April 2001
Clarinet Flute, Contra Trumpet – finished entries.

24 April 2001
Campana, Glockleinton – finished entries.

23 April 2001
Bell Gamba, Bombardon – finished entries.

19 April 2001
German Flute, Muted Viol, Tuba, Waldhorn, Zauberflote – added illustrations from Wedgwood.

12 April 2001
Flute a Pavillon – finished entry.

11 April 2001
Bass Trombone – finished entry.

10 April 2001
Quintaton, Ranket, Stentorphone – added illustrations from Wedgwood.
Baryton – finished entry.

9 April 2001
Apfelregal, Barpfeife, Dolce, Dulciana, Euphone, French Horn, Hohlflote, Lieblich Gedeckt, Musette, Oboe, Schalmei, Seraphonflote, Triangular Flute – added illustrations from Wedgwood.

5 April 2001
Barpfeife – finished entry.

4 April 2001
Aeolodicon – finished entry.
Aeoline Reed – added new entry (finished).

3 April 2001
Pauke – finished entry.

28 March 2001
Jungfernregal, Viejas, Vox Pueri – finished entries (used to be all in one).

27 March 2001
Harp – finished entry.

26 March 2001
Echo, Grob, Grossgedeckt – finished entries.
Grobcymbel, Grobmixtur, Grobposaune, Grobregal – added new entries.

22 March 2001
Harfenprinzipal – finished entry.

21 March 2001
Tapadillo, Mounted Cornet – finished entries.

20 March 2001
Vogelgesang – finished entry.
Cuckoo – added new entry.

15 March 2001
Tibia Clausa, Tibia Major – finished entries.

13 March 2001
Viol – finished entry.

12 March 2001
Octave Oboe – finished entry.

8 March 2001
Tuba Trumpet – added new entry (not finished yet).

7 March 2001
Saxophone – finished entry.

1 March 2001
Oboe Horn – finished entry.
Double Oboe Horn – added new entry.

28 February 2001
Violetta, Viole Celeste – finished entries.
Replace all occurrences of "cèleste" with "céleste".

27 February 2001
Cymbelstern, Grossflote, Sordun, Sordunregal – finished entries.

22 February 2001
Suavial – finished entry.

21 February 2001
Grand Cornet, Orlo, Waldhorn – finished entries.

20 February 2001
Grand Bourdon – finished entry.
Added entry file index appendix.

19 February 2001
Flute, Kinura, Kupferflote, Philomela – finished entries.

14 February 2001
Flute Ouverte, Kleingedeckt, Kutzialflote, Offenflote – finished entries.

12 February 2001
Fifth, Gedecktflote, Gedecktpommer, Lieblichflote – finished entries.
Bombarde – added examples of Pommer.

10 February 2001
Modified every HTML file to include this in the HEAD portion:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

8 February 2001
Flote Major – added example.

1 February 2001
Feldflote, Erzahler – finished entries.
Spitzgedeckt, Sylvestrina – added new information.

31 January 2001
Echo Dulciana – finished entry.

30 January 2001
Echo Bourdon, Echo Cornet – finished entries.

29 January 2001
Doppelgedeckt, Dulciana Cornet – finished entries.

25 January 2001
Double Oboe, Corno Flute – finished entries.

24 January 2001
Clear Flute, Hellflote – finished entries.

23 January 2001
Bass Tuba, Buccina, Contra Salicional, Contra Dulciana – finished entries.

22 January 2001
Quintbass, Military Trumpet, Clarin de Batalla, Koppelflote – finished entries.
AequalGemshorn – added new entry.
HALFWAY DONE! (981 of 1948 entries; 704 of 913 entry files).

17 January 2001
Octave Violin, Offenbass – finished entries.

12 January 2001
Trichterregal – finished entry.

11 January 2001
Geigenregal, Knopfregal, Messingregal – finished entries.

10 January 2001
Apfelregal, Rohrnasat, Rohrbordun – finished entries.
Apfelregal, Barpfeife, JeuErard, Knopfregal, Krummhornregal, Messingregal, Ranket, Schalmei, Sordunregal – improved illustrations.

8 January 2001
Suave Flute, Tibia Plena, Spitzquinte – finished entries.

7 January 2001
Tenoroon – finished entry.

5 January 2001
Tibia Minor, Tibia Profunda – finished entries.

4 January 2001
Updated the Sound Samples page.
Viol Flute – added example.

1 January 2001
Tiercina, Tromba Magna, Tuba Minor, Tuba Sonora – finished entries.
Three quarters done, counting files: 683 of 911. But still shy of halfway, counting entries: 939 of 1941.

31 December 2000
Thirty-Third, Thirty-First, Thirty-Sixth, Twenty-Fourth, Twenty-Ninth, Twenty-Sixth – finished entries.

30 December 2000
Flute Triangulaire – added new info.
Pyramid Flute, Reim, Salamine – finished entries.

28 December 2000
Panflote, Phoneuma – finished entries.

27 December 2000
Bifara, Ocarina, Piffaro – finished entries.

26 December 2000
Oboe d'Amore – finished entry.

25 December 2000
Gemshornquinte, Harfenregal, Kopfregal, Singendregal, Minor Open Flute, Flauto Minor, Nason – finished entries.
Cylinderquinte – added new info.

23 December 2000
Amoroso – added new info.
Musicirgedeckt – finished except for translation.
Flauto Amabile, Flute a Fuseau, Flute Octaviante, Full Mixture, Gelindgedeckt, German Gamba, Harmonic Piccolo, Harmonicabass – finished entries.

18-19 December 2000
Echo Trumpet, Fife, Flageolet Harmonique, Gedampftregal, Pfeife – finished entries.

15 December 2000
Echo Gamba, Echo Oboe – finished entries.

13 December 2000
Echo Flute – finished entry.

11 December 2000
Contra Gamba, Cordedain, Cornamusa, Dolcissimo, Doppelspitzflote, Double Melodia – finished entries.
Flauto Dolcissimo – added new info.

8 December 2000
Clavaoline, Contra Bombarde – finished entries.
Grossgamba – split off as separate entry & finished.

6 December 2000
Clarion Mixture – finished entry.

4-5 December 2000
Amorosa, Orchestral Piccolo, Stentor Gamba, Tromba Clarion – finished entries.

29 November 2000
Rohrgedeckt, Schongedeckt, Seraphongedeckt, Tibia Dura – finished entries.

27 November 2000
Tubasson, Weidenflote, Xylophone – finished entries.

24 November 2000
Sadt, Vox Mystica – finished entry.

18 November 2000
Rohrflotenquinte – finished entry.

17 November 2000
Principal Flute – finished entry.

16 November 2000
Orchestral Bassoon – finished entry.

12 November 2000
Harmonic Diapason, Harmonic Gedeckt, Harmonic Twelfth, Jula, Kalberregal, Kleinflote, Oboe Flute – finished entries.

8-10 November 2000
Grand Diapason, Geigen Octave, German Flute, Harmonic Claribel – finished entries.
1959 entries (792 done); 908 entry files (606 done – two thirds done!).

7 November 2000
Ludwigtone – added new example.
Echo Salicional – combined with Aeoline.
Fluttuan – finished entry.
Made small improvements to various appendices.

6 November 2000
Flute a Biberon – finished entry.

3 November 2000
Doppelflote, Hohlflote, Melodia, Seraphonpfeife – updated illustrations.

2 November 2000
Baarpijp, Cornet des Violes, Basson-Hautbois – finished entries.
Doppelrohrbordun, Doppelrohrflote, Doppelrohrgedeckt – split into separate entry files; finished entries (examples needed).
Echo Diapason – finished entry.

26 October to 1 November 2000
Celesta, Contra Saxophone, Echo Nachthorn, Conical Flute, Contra Viola, Double Clarinet – finished entries.

18 October 2000
Cor Anglais, Euphone, Trombone, Vox Humana: added illustrations.
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (V-Z).
Violon d'Amour: new entry.

17 October 2000
Erzahler, Keraulophone, Trumpet, Violin: added illustrations.
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (T-U).

16 October 2000
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (R-S).
Gedecktregal, Kopflinregal: new entries.
Salicetbass: added more info.
Flute Variants: fixed broken links.

12 October 2000
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (P-Q).

11 October 2000
Aeoline, Bell Gamba, Salicional, Viola d'Amore, Viole de Gambe: added illustrations.
Flute a Biberon: new entry.
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (K-O).
Larigot Mixture: added more info.

5 October 2000
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (G-J).
Double Quint: added entry.
Gedecktquinte, Sub Quint, Grossdoppelgedeckt, Grosshohlflote, Hohlflotenbass: added more info.
Viejas: added pictures.
Jungfernregal et al: added examples.

4 October 2000
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (D-F).
Flute a Pyramide: added more info.

2-3 October 2000
Added bibliography entries for Audsley2, chapter XIII (A-C).
Bass Viol, Bauernrohrflote, Cornet de Recit: added more info.
Petit Cornet: new entry.

27-29 September 2000
Bourdon, Ocarina, Orchestral Flute – added illustrations.
Pyramidon – added more material from Audsley[2].
Tibia Mollis – finished entry.

25-26 September 2000
Bourdon, Lieblich Gedeckt, Pyramidon – added illustrations.
Pyramidon: finished entry.

18-20 September 2000
Viola Major, Viola Pomposa, Violon, Violoncello Vibrato, Zartgedeckt, Zauberpiccolo, Wienerflote: finished entries.
Viole a Pavillon, Voce Flebile, Vogelflote, Vox Vinolata, Vox Retusa: finished entries (examples needed).
This completes the entries with 2 bibliographies. 1934 entries (745 done); 902 entry files (580 done).

15-17 September 2000
Terpomele, Terzzimbel, Theorbe, Viola di Alta: finished entries.
Tibia Angusta, Tibia Profundissima, Traversenbass, Trinona, Tuba Quint: finished entries (examples needed).
Diaphone Profundo: new entry.

14 September 2000
Schreier, Scharfflote, Scharfregal, Sext, Soave, Solo Cello, Starkgedeckt, Stentorflote: finished entries (examples needed).
Salicetbass, Salicetina, Salicional Celeste, Solo Flute, Spitzgedeckt, Sylvestrina, Sept-Terz: finished entries.

12-13 September 2000
Quint Flute, Quintade, Rohrschalmei, Rohrpommer, Spitzprinzipal, Sub Quint: finished entries.

8-10 September 2000
None, Octave Flute, Petite Nazard, Piccolo d'Amore, Plein Jeu Harmonique – finished entries.
Perduna: finished entry (examples needed).
Improved stop search program so that it displays dates, making it easier to identify the earliest examples of stops.

6-7 September 2000
Minor Principal, Mundflote, Nasard Gamba, Nasardos: finished entries.
Mittelgedeckt, Muted Cello, Muted Viola: finished entry (examples needed).

5 September 2000
Corno Dolce, Echo Oboe, Spitzflote, Zauberflote: added illustrations.

1-4 September 2000
Kleinprinzipal, Kleinterz, Krummhornregal, Labial Klarinette, Lieblichgeschallt, Litice, Lute, Major Principal, Melophone: finished entries.
Kleinregal: finished entry (need examples).
Flauto D'Amore, Flauto Dolce, Geigen, Saxophone, Violoncello: added illustrations.

28-31 August 2000
Hornlein, Italian Principal, Kerophone, Kurzflote: finished entries.
Humangedeckt: finished entry (examples needed).
Hohlflote, Melodia: added illustrations.

25-27 August 2000
Seraphonflote, Spillflote, Suave Flute, Trumpet, Tuba Mirabilis, Violin: added pictures.
Grand Fourniture: finished entry.

23-24 August 2000
Bourdon, Oboe, Quint, Seventeenth, Viol, Violin: expanded lists of Variants.
Apfelregal, Barpfeife, Knopfregal, Krummhornregal, Lieblich Gedeckt, Messingregal, Orchestral Oboe, Physharmonika, Rankett, Rohrflote, Schalmei, Sordunregal: added pictures.
Jeu Erard: replaced picture with a better scan.

22 August 2000
Fagottone: added translation of name (thanks, Igor!).
Made minor changes to front page.
Credits: belatedly added some credits; improved formatting.
Flauto D'Amore, Gemshorn, Harmonica, Hohlflote, Horn, Keraulophone, Oboe, Orchestral Oboe: added pictures.

14-21 August 2000
Flute Quint: finished entry.
Flute Traversiere Harmonique: finished entry.
Flute Triangulaire: finished entry.
Fluttuan: finished entry except for translating German quote.
Fullflote: finished entry except for translating German quote (examples needed).
Full Flute: finished entry (examples needed).
Gedecktquinte: finished entry.
Geigenbass: finished entry (examples needed).
Gemsrohrflote: finished entry (examples needed).
Grand Mixture: finished entry.
Grand Octave: finished entry.
Grand Quintaten: finished entry (examples needed).
Grand Viol: finished entry.
Grave Mixture: finished entry.
Grossdoppelgedeckt: finished entry (examples needed).
Grosshohlflote: finished entry (examples needed).
Grossregal: finished entry (examples needed).
Harmonic Clarion: finished entry.
Harmonic Gemshorn: finished entry.
Harmonic Tuba: finished entry.
Harmonics: finished entry.
Harmonieflote: finished entry.
Harp Aeolone: finished entry.
Hohlquinte: finished entry.
Holzflote: finished entry.
1928 entries (629 done); 903 entry files (508 done).

7-8 August 2000
Flauto Tedesco: finished entry (examples needed).
Flugelhorn: finished entry.
Bassoon, Bell Diapason, Bell Gamba, Bourdon, Clarabella, Clarinet, Contra Principal, Cor Anglais, Corno di Bassetto, Dolcan, Doppelflote, Euphone, Harmonic Flute, Holzprinzipal: added pictures.
Flute Bouchee Harmonique: finished entry.
Flute Principal: finished entry (examples needed).

2-3 August 2000
Fabertone: finished entry (examples needed); added synonym Faberton to indexes.
Fagottone: finished entry (examples needed).
Fan Tuba: finished entry (examples needed).
Flautada: finished entry (examples needed).
Flauto Amoroso: finished entry (examples needed); clarified synonymities.

28-30 July 2000
Dulciana Flute: finished entry (examples needed).
Dulciana Mixture: finished entry.
Echo Dulciana Celeste: finished entry (examples needed).
Echo Viol: finished entry (examples needed).
Echo Viola: finished entry.
Echo Vox Humana / Stilles Regal: finished entry (examples needed).
1922 entries (576 done); 901 entry files (474 done).

27 July 2000
Clarion: added Dutch synonym Klaroen; added some examples.
Bazuin: removed incorrect remark about misspelling.
Dulzgedackt: finished entry (etymology needed).
Sound Files: reorganized; added music.
Updated over 100 files that had lost all their end-of-line characters.
Added new appendix: Links to Other Web Sites.

25 July 2000
Double Gemshorn: finished entry (examples needed).
Double Vox Humana: finished entry (examples needed).
Dudelsack: finished entry (examples needed).
Dulciana Celeste: finished entry.
1921 entries (568 done); 901 entry files (467 done).

24 July 2000
Krumet: added Robert Morton examples.
Bibliography: added Junchen.
Liturgical Trumpet: added example.

18 July 2000
Doppelflötenbass: added completion of German translation per contribution by Bob Loesch.
Oboe Gamba: added new entry per Dave McClellan.

17 July 2000
Sound Files page: added one mike recommendation, fixed error in file size estimate, adjusted a few other things.

15-16 July 2000
Updated from master version. 1920 entries (561 done); 900 entry files (462 done).

14 July 2000
Uploaded alpha version. 1917 entries (534 done); 898 entry files (446 done).

early March 1999
Project begun.

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