Orchestral Trumpet English
Feldtrompete German
Brass Trumpet English
Feldtrommet German
Gottfried Trumpet English

Irwin lists Orchestral Trumpet as a synonym for Brass Trumpet with the following description:

A very brilliant and penetrating Chorus Reed stop of fiery and free-toned brass color and 8' manual pitch. It has almost twice the number of partials as its orchestral counterpart, and a louder sound. Some examples are of only moderate power and quite light in tone, depending upon the other stops in the organ. This Trumpet has the maximum of clang-tone and number of upper partials, as well as the exponentially shaped resonators of solid brass to project them into space. These resonators are also well polished and do not absorb the great number of very soft, high-pitched components the inverted-conical pipes of the Trompette do. Therefore, these high but soft partials are allowed to escape the pieps and are more likely to reach the ears of the listener. It is the most brilliant but not the loudest Reed in the organ. Many examples are still playing throughout the country, and most are known as Gottfried Trumpets in honor of Anton Gottfried, who built many of these stops.

Audsley implies that the Orchestral Trumpet is not a chorus reed, and describes its tone as “singularly bright, silvery, and jubilant”, and specifying that it be voiced “to imitate as closely as possible the characteristic tones of the orchestral instrument.”

Grove describes Feldtrompete as “the German imitative trumpet, not en chamade as in Spain but often held in the case vertically; others were interior trumpets, all of a thin, strong tone.” Grove claims that Feldpfeife is also a synonym, but we believe this to be sloppy copy-editing. Feldtrompete may also be a synonym for Field Trumpet.

The Brass Trumpet of the theatre organ is a different stop.


Muted Trumpet


Osiris contains fourteen examples of and Feldtrompete, two at 8' pitch and the rest at 4'; thirteen examples of Orchestral Trumpet all at 8' pitch except for one each at 16' and 4'; and seven examples of Brass Trumpet, most on Wurlitzer theatre organs, and all at 8' pitch. No examples of Feldtrommet or Gottfried Trumpet are known. Contributions welcome.

Brass Trumpet 8', Gallery Organ IV; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh.

Brass Trumpet 8', Great & Solo; Granada (Paramount) Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA; Wurlitzer 1921. (Relocated in 1989 to Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia.)

Feldtrompete 8', Kronwerk; Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Sharp 1979.

Feldtrompete 4', Pedal; Passau Cathedral, Passau, Germany; Steinmeyer 1924-28.

Orchestral Trumpet 8', Solo; Westminster Cathedral, London, England; Willis 1922-32.

Orchestral Trumpet 8', Solo; Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; Austin 1925.

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