Feldflöt[e] German
Feldpfeife German
Schallflöte German
Fistula Militaris Latin
Feldpipe German
Flûte Champ French?

Most sources describe Feldflöte and Feldpfeife as names for an open flute stop of assertive and penetrating tone, found at 4', 2' or 1' pitch in 17th century German organs. Most of the known examples are at 2' pitch. Maclean, the only source to list Schallflöte, considers it and Feldflöte to be the manual counterparts to the Bauernflöte. Flûte Champ is mentioned only by Wedgwood, who says only “see Feldflöte”, with not another word said about it anywhere. He lists Feldflöte and Feldpfeife as synonyms for Waldflöte (as does Irwin), or for Schweizerpfeife (as does Adlung).


Osiris contains six examples of Feldflöt[e] and nine examples of Feldpfeife, mostly at 2' pitch. No examples of Flute Champ, Feldpipe or Fistula Militaris are known. Contributions welcome.

Feldpfeife 1', Pedal; Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea; Schuke 1978.

Feldpfeife 2', Rückpositiv; Marienkirche, Stralsund, Germany; Stellwagen 1659 (restored mid-1900's). This is the earliest known example.

Feldflöt 4', Oberwerk; Monastery Church, Neresheim, Germany; Holzhey 1792-98.

Feldflöte 4', Kronwerk; Luitpoldhalle (Kongresshalle), Nürnberg, Germany; Walcker 1936 (destroyed 1942).

Feldflöte 2', Hornwerk, Pedal; Luitpoldhalle (Kongresshalle), Nürnberg, Germany; Walcker 1936 (destroyed 1942).

Feldflöte 2', Hornwerk; St. Michaelis, Hamburg, Germany; Walcker 1912 (destroyed 1944).

Schallflöte 1', Rückpositiv; Thomaskirche, Leipzig, Germany; Scheibe 1722. This is the only known example of this name.


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