Flauto Amoroso Italian
Amoroso Italian

Audsley describes Flauto Amoroso stop as follows:

This name has been employed to designate an open metal stop of small scale and 4 ft. pitch, voiced to yield an extremely soft and singing quality of unimitative flute-tone. A fine Flauto Amoroso, 4 ft., exists in the echo of the important Organ in the Church of SS. Peter and Paul, Liegnitz, in Silesia, built by Buckow, in the year 1839.

Wedgwood lists Flauto Amoroso as a synonym for Amoroso, Flauto Amabile and Flûte d'Amour. Maclean considers Flauto Amoroso to be synonymous with Flauto Amabile and Flauto Dolce. Audsley lists them separately. The Italian word amoroso means “amorous”.


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