Flauto Amabile Italian
Amoroso Italian

Wedgwood, Locher, Skinner and Bonavia-Hunt list Flauto Amabile as a synonym for Flauto d'Amore; Irwin lists it as a synoym for Amorosa. Wedgwood lists Amoroso and Sanftflöte as synonyms for Flauto Amabile; Maclean considers Flauto Amabile to be synonymous with Flauto Dolce and Flauto Amoroso. Locher says “see Flûte d'Amour”, but in his entry for the latter mentions Amorosa but not Amoroso. Audsley alone lists all of those names separately. Regarding Flauto Amabile, he says:

The suggestive name given to a small-scaled labial stop, of either 8 ft. or 4 ft. pitch, properly constructed of open wood pipes, yielding an extremely delicate and sweet unimitative flute-tone. In its best form, its pipes are slender, about one and a half times their width in depth, and have inverted mouths. The pipes should be made of clear spruce, fronted with mahogany or white maple so as to allow their mouths being carefully and accurately formed.

See also Flauto Amoroso.


Osiris contains seven examples of Flauto Amabile at 8' pitch, two at 4', and one at 16'. No examples of Amoroso are known. Contributions welcome.

Flauto Amabile 4', Echo; Tewksbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, England; (many).

Flauto Amabile 8' (wood), Oberwerk; Cathedral, Merseburg, Germany; Ladegast 1853-55. (This is the earliest known example, but it was removed in the early 1960's.)

Flauto Amabile 16', Manual I; St. Martin, Dornbirn, Austria; Behmann/Kuhn 1927.


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