Amoroso Italian

Wedgwood lists this name as a synonym for Flauto Amabile, Flauto Amoroso and Flauto d'Amore. Other sources describe those stops separately. Locher also lists it, saying only “see Flûte d'Amour”, but in his entry for the latter, he mentions Amorosa, but not Amoroso. Wedgwood claims the name to be Latin, but it is in fact Italian, meaning “amorous”.


All known examples are given below. Contributions welcome.

Amoroso 8'; Collegiata di Lucolena, Italy; Angeli 1821. Reportedly, a narrow-scale Flauto Amabile.


Locher[1]: Amoroso. Wedgwood[1]: Amoroso; Flauto Amabile.
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