Baixo Portuguese
Bajon Spanish
Bajoncillo Spanish
Basson French
    Bassoon English
Fagot German?
Fagott German
Fagotto Italian
Baixonilho Portuguese
Baxoncillo Spanish
    Dolciano unknown
Dulcinus unknown
Fagotte Dutch/German

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These names have been variously used for two different stops. One is an imitative reed stop more properly known as Orchestral Bassoon. The other, described here, is a chorus reed of 8' or 16' pitch.

The illustration is Audsley's.

See Chormorne.


Bajoncillo y Clarín
Bassoon Regal
Echo Fagotto

Sound Clips

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Fagotto 16', Pedal First Baptist Church, Riverside, California, USA Schantz, 1966 arpeggio
Fagot 16', Pedal University of Illinois, USA Buzard, 1986 arpeggio
Fagott 16', Pedal Grace Lutheran Church, Champaign, Illinois, USA Casavant, 1975 arpeggio


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