Echo Flute English
Echoflöte German
Echo English
Octava de Ecos Spanish

A very soft flute stop of 8' or 4' pitch, made from open, half-covered, or (according to Irwin) stopped pipes of wood or metal. The name Octava de Ecos is mentioned only by Williams, who defines it as: “4' Echo flute, probably open”. By itself, the name Echo has been used for other stops.

See also Echo Open Flute, Echo Stopped Flute.


No examples of Octava de Ecos are known. Contributions welcome.

Echo Flute 16', Pedal; King's Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Fisk 1964.

Echo Flute 8', Pedal; Town Hall, Hull, England; Forster & Andrews, 1911. (This example is borrowed from the Swell Lieblich Bourdon.)

Echo Flute 8', Antiphonal; Gaston Avenue Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, USA; Wicks 1950.

Echo Floete 4', Echo; Church of St. Bartholomew, Armley, England; Schulze 1866-69.

Echoflute 4', manual II; Monastery, New Norcia, Australia; Moser 1922.


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