Clarin Claro Spanish

Mentioned only in passing by Audsley, who says:

[Clarin] is labeled in Spanish organs with several qualifications as follows: Clarin Real, Clarin de Batalla, Clarin Claro, Clarin Sordino, Clarin Pardo, Clarin de Bajos, and Clarin de Ecos.

Claro means “clear, bright or fine”.


Clarin Claro 4', Lower Manual; Toledo Cathedral, Toledo, Spain; Juan Gaytan of Toledo 1549.

Clarin Claro 8', Second Manual, right hand; Toledo Cathedral, Toledo, Spain; Valentin and Jose Verdalonga 1798.

Clarin Claro 8' (18th cent. Spanish pipes), Spanisches Werk; Marienstatt Abbey; Rieger 1969.


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