Clarín de Eco[s] Spanish
Petite Trompette French
Echo Trompete Dutch
Echo Trumpet English

A softer and smaller scaled Trumpet. Audsley has only this to say: “the reeds or échalotes [of the Trumpet] are properly of the open class; but in the case of the Echo Trumpet ... the reeds may properly be of the closed variety.” Irwin says that its tone “lacks the characteristic big-toned effect of the parent stop, and also much of its éclat and brilliance”.


Osiris contains about a dozen and a half examples of Clarín de Eco[s], and eight examples of Petite Trompette (only one of which is in a French organ).

Echo Trumpet 8', Swell; Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, England; [many] 1631-1948. This is the only known example of this name.

Echo Trompete 8', Schwellwerk; Luitpoldhallë, Nürnberg, Germany; Walcker 1937 (destroyed). This is the only known example of this name.

Clarín de Eco 8', manual; Cathedral, Roda de Isabena, Huesca, Spain; Peruga 1653 (restored 1722, 1975).

Clarín de Ecos 8', manual right; Parroquia, Almonacid de la Sierra, Zaragoza, Spain; Sánchez 1733 (restored 1987).

Clarín de Ecos 4', manual right; Parroquia de San Miguel, Carcar, Navarra, Spain; Mañeua 1736 (unplayable in 1985).

Petite Trompette 8', Choir; Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California, USA; Ruffatti.

Petite Trompette 8', Solo Expressif; St-Eustache, Paris, France.

Petite Trompette 4', Positif; Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul, Providence, Rhode Island, USA; Casavant 1972.


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