Clarín Real Spanish

Grove describes this as a type of Clarín: “ ‘Real’ Trumpets (Clarines, Trompetas) were usually vertical (not horizontal), the name indicating ‘real’ in the sense of ‘full-length’ resonators; but by c1750 ‘trompeta real’ often meant ‘royal trumpet’.” Williams says: “ ‘Real’ does not always imply horizontal, early appearances of the term implied a ‘real trumpet’, i.e. one with longer resonators than regals.” Audsley mentions it but does not distinguish it from other types of Clarins.

See also Trompeta Real, Tromba Real.


Clarín Real 8' (en chamade), right hand; San Agustín, Cádiz, Spain; de Anía 1753.

Clarín Real 4', manual right hand; Parroquia de La Asuncion, Caseda, Navarra, Spain; Gomez 1862.


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