Trompeta Real Spanish

This name originally indicated not a “royal” Trumpet, but a “real” trumpet in the sense of having full-length resonators, as opposed to Regals or the half-length Trompeta Bastarda. According Grove, it was mounted vertically within the organ, as opposed to en chamade. By around 1750 the name had come to mean “royal”.

See Clarín Real, Tromba Real; compare with Trumpet Royal.


Osiris contains scores of examples, nearly all at 8' pitch, some at 16' or 4'pitch, many horizontal. The earliest ones are listed below.

Trompeta Real 8', Manual; Cathedral, Roda de Isabena, Huesca, Spain; Peruga 1653.

Trompeta Real 8', Manual; Parroquia, Frechilla, Palencia, Spain; Banayas 1691. May have been added in 1788.


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