This page lists all the organs from which sound clips were taken. For more information about sound clips, see the Sound Files appendix.

Location State/Province,
Builder(s)   Year Manuals
& Stops
Reinhardtsgrimma, Sachsen Germany Silbermann   1731 II / 20 Hauptwerk, samples courtesy of OrganArtMedia
Eglise protestante, Romanswiller France Stiehr-Mockers   1842 II / 21 Hauptwerk
St. Bernhard, Mainz-Bretzenheim Germany Cavaillé-Coll   1872-1892 II / 11 Hauptwerk, samples courtesy of OrganArtMedia
Prudhoe Methodist Church Northumberland, Scotland   II / 8 Hauptwerk
St. Anne's Church, Moseley Birmingham, England   various 1875 - 1989   II / 30 Hauptwerk
Kellogg Auditorium, Battle Creek Michigan, USA   Aeolian-Skinner 1933 IV / 69 recorded live by Trevor Dodd
Culver Academy Indiana, USA Möller; Fabry 1951-2008 III / 58 recorded live by John Gouwens
First Baptist Church, Riverside   California, USA Schantz 1966 II / 26 Hauptwerk, samples courtesy of Evensong Music
Grace Lutheran Church, Champaign   Illinois, USA Casavant 1975 II / 17 Hauptwerk, samples courtesy of Milan Digital Audio
University of Illinois Illinois, USA Buzard 1986 II / 12 Hauptwerk, samples courtesy of Milan Digital Audio
chamber organ Germany Dieter Ott   2003 I / 5 Hauptwerk
Paramount Theatre, Middletown New York, USA Wurlitzer   III / 12 Miditzer, sound clips courtesy of Jim Henry

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