Viola Céleste English?

A celeste made from one or more Viola ranks. Irwin describes it as follows:

An undulating stop of mild String tone, at 8' on the manuals, and made from two ranks of Viola pipes, perhaps of different scale for a variety of effect. The off-pitch rank may be smaller and brighter to make the céleste beat a little more in the higher overtones. Or one rank may be of wood and one of metal, or one of tin and one of spotted metal. This is a milder céleste than most String célestes and is very suitable for accompaniment and background playing.
Not to be confused with Viole Céleste.


Osiris contains dozens of examples, mostly single ranks, but a few with two ranks. All but onell at 8' pitch, with a few at 16' pitch. Most are single ranks; a few are two ranks.


Irwin[1]: Céleste; Viola Céleste. Strony[1]: Viola Celeste.

Sound Clips

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Viola Céleste 8', Choir Culver Academies, Indiana, USA Fabry 2007-08; Eastern Organ Pipes arpeggio St. Anne

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