Viola Aetheria Italian/Latin

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A very soft String stop of Viola tone, at 8' on the manuals. This is somewhat more like String tone than what is heard in the Dolcan and Echo Dolce, since those stops are inverted-conical in form, and the Viola Aetheria is cylindrical or even a little conical in shape. It has a soft purring of the String's overtones along with a fundamental that is obvious to the ear, but it is not on the dull side in most examples, although it is very soft, and makes an ideal accompaniment stop and background stop for all types of music.

The Latin word aetheria means “ethereal” or “heavenly”.


Viola Aetheria 8', Echo; Kotzschmar Memorial Organ, City Hall, Portland, Maine, USA; Austin 1912.


Irwin[1]: Viola Aetheria.
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