Trompeta de Batalla Spanish

Williams describes this Spanish Trumpet stop as “a ‘battle trumpet’ closely imitating the military instrument”.

Compare with Tromba Batalha.


Osiris contains two dozen examples of Trompeta de Batalla, all at 8' pitch, some en chamade, the earliest of which are given below.

Trompeta de Batall 8', Manual right; Convent of San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya, Mexico; unknown early 1700's.

Trompeta de Batalla 8, Organo Mayor; New Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain; Echevarría 1744.

Trompeta de Batalla 8', Organo Mayor left; Santa María la Real, Xunqueira de Ambía, Orense, Spain; Valdonado 1759.


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