Tromba Batalha Spanish
Tromba Batalla Spanish

Tromba Batalla is listed only by Wedgwood, with the following description: A ringing, clear-toned Trumpet. Battle Trumpet. Tromba Batalha is mentioned only by Audsley, who says:

In the Organ on the north side of the Coro in Burgos Cathedral [Burgos, Spain] there are two lingual stops, labeled, respectively, Tromba Real (Royal Trumpet) and Tromba Batalha (Battle Trumpet). We find stops in the Organ in the Church of the Martyros, Lisbon [Portugal], labeled Tromba Real, Tromba Batalha, and Tromba Magna (Great Trumpet).
We assume the names to be synonyms. See Tromba, Tromba Real; compare with Trompeta de Batalla


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