Sept-Terz (unknown)
Septerz (unknown)
Terz Septa (unknown)
Terzsept (unknown)

A two-rank compound stop composed of ranks at 1-3/5' and 1-1/7'. Irwin says:

The “Sept-Terz” (a 1-1/7' and 4/5' combined as a double mutation rather than a mixture) exists in the Positiv of the Salt Lake City Tabernacle Organ, Utah [USA], and is most satisfactory for the extraordinary effect, reports Alexander Schreiner, organist.

According to Osiris, the Salt Lake City stop is spelled Septerz.

Compare with Syntheton.




Terzsepta II 1-3/5', Schwellwerk; Mariendom, Hildesheim, Germany; Breil/Klais 1960/1989.

Terzsept 1-3/5 + 1-1/7', Unterwerk; Philharmonie, Cologne, Germany; Klais 1986.

Terzsept IV, Brustwerk; Cathedral, Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Rieger 1978. (With a composition of 1-3/5, 1-1/3, 8/9, and 8/15, one wonders why this stop is named so.)


Irwin[1]: Septieme. Maclean[1]: Septerz. Sumner[1]: Septerz; Terz Septa.
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