Stentor Diaphone (unknown)

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

An extremely penetrating and loud Diaphone of 32' or 16' on the pedals, making the weightiest roll of bass sound in the organ. Its functions are the same as the Diaphone's. It is not designed in many specimens to have erected on it a façade of other stops, but may have added to the 32' rank a 16', 10-2/3', and 8', and to the 16' rank an 8', 5-1/3', and 4' Diapason of loud tone. The function of most Diaphones is to provide sufficient fundamental ground tone to balance the louder ensembles. The blend resulting from the meshing of the harmonics is not so apparent in the range from CCCC to CCC, which is the most useful range for this thunderous and stentorian bass.

According to Greek legend, Stentor was a herald in the Trojan war, described by Homer as having a voice as loud as fifty men.

See Stentorphone.


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Irwin[1]: Stentor Diaphone.
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