Major Vox Humana English/Latin
Solo Vox Humana English/Latin

Irwin describes these names as follows:

A Reed of 8' on the manuals, louder and perhaps more guttural than other Vox Humanas in the same organ. Some examples of this name have some of the Krumet or Krummhorn or Clarinet quality in their tones to enable them to carry better and sound the pitches more obviously, since many examples of the “Vox” lack ground tone. In a whole chorus of Vox Humanas it would be the chief unison rank, perhaps being called a Major Vox Humana.

Strony lists Solo Vox Humana with the following description:

This term is used to denote the Vox Humana in the solo chamber. Usually, this Vox Humana is the larger of two in the same instrument. In some cases, it may be on a higher wind pressure. In most cases, this somewhat larger Solo Vox Humana is menat to be paired with the also larger Solo Tibia Clausa.


No examples of Major Vox Humana are known. Contributions welcome.

Solo Vox Humana, Solo Chamber; Fisher Theatre, Detriot, Michigan, USA; Wurlitzer 1928. This is the only known example of this name.


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