Krumet (unknown)
Krumet Horn (unknown)

A reed stop of the Regal class, found on theatre organs. Strony lists Krumet with the following description:

This is a unique color reed that was included on many larger Wurlitzers and on some smaller “Special” organs. Other builders also made examples of this stop. Its sound is a unique cross between the Clarinet and Kinura. In some instruments, it is the loudest of the buzzy color reeds. The Krumet appears only on the manual divisions at 16' TC and 8' pitch.

Irwin says:

It ... was introduced early in the [20th] century to provide yet another 8' unison solo color for the enjoyment of moving picture audiences. Examples vary a great deal, some a little like the Vox Humana, others with a horn-like tone, perhaps called Krumet Horn.

Maclean gives it cylindrical resonators which are longer than those of the Kinura.


Osiris contains eight examples of Krumet, all by Wurlitzer. No examples of Krumet Horn are known. Contributions welcome.

Krumet; Granada Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA; Wurlitzer 1921. Relocated to Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. Krumet removed.

Krumet; Gaumont State Theatre, London, England; Wurlitzer 1937.

Krumet; Paramount Theatre (now Long Island University), Brooklyn, New York; Wurlitzer 1928.

Krumet; Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Robert Morton.

Krumet; Music Hall Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA; Robert Morton 1928.


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