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Violoncello Sordo Italian?

Audsley lists this stop with the following description:

A stop, of 8 ft. pitch, similar in form to, but voiced softer than, the Violoncello. Its tone is intended to imitate that of the muted Violoncello of the orchestra. As the imitative tone of the Violoncello Sordo is less assertive than that of the Violoncello, it will be found more generally useful in registration with the softer-toned stops, with which it will form numerous combinations of fine and varied colorings. Drawn with the Violoncello Vibrato, it will produce a beautiful Violoncelle Celeste, 8 ft.

Irwin also lists it:

A String of 8' on the manuals, sounding with a soft but harmonically full timbre intended to imitate the rich, warm tone colors of the muted violoncello. It is a slo or ensemble stop, being useful also as an accompnaiment. It may appear in a String Organ, where it can dilute the Viols' keen tones. Wooden examples of great beauty exist. Metal pipes that are slightly conical may make this tone, or have Koppelflöte tops.


Solo Muted 'Cello


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Audsley[1]: Violoncello Sordo. Irwin[1]: Muted 'Cello.
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