'Cello Celeste English?
Violoncelle Celeste French?

Listed only by Irwin under the name 'Cello Céleste, in which he says:

An undulating String stop of 8' on the manuals, composed of two ranks of 'Cello pipes, sometimes of heavy walls and large scale. It may be of wood construction, one of the special laminated metals, plain pipe-metal, spotted metal, or pure tin, or any combination of two of these materials; they are arranged in order of increasing ability to form a bright tone that is rich in overtones. It is moderately loud, stringy, and some examples are a little pungent. It can sound warm, resonant, and even cutting in tone, depending upon the organist's taste. It is always full-toned and rich in partials.

Audsley mentions this stop in his entry for Violoncello Vibrato, in which he says “Drawn with such stops as the Viola Sorda, Viole Sourdine, or Viola d'Amore, it forms an effective Violoncelle Céleste.” In his entry for Violoncello Sordo he says “Drawn with the Violoncello Vibrato, it will produce a beautiful Violoncelle Céleste, 8 ft.”

See Celeste.


Osiris[1] lists over thirty examples.


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