Mittelgedackt German
Mittelgedeckt German
Pileata Major Latin

Audsley lists Mittelgedeckt with the following description:

The term that has been used by old German organ-builders to indicate a Gedeckt which occupies a middle position between two other stops of the same family, placed in the same division of an Organ. Schlimbach says: “Wenn z. B. auf einen Clavier Gedact 8, 4, und 2 Fusston sich zugleich befindet, so ist das von 4 Fusston das Mittelgedact.”

Schlimbach's quotation translates as follows: “If, for example, one finds Gedact 8' 4' and 2' on one manual at the same time, the 4' is the Mittelgedact (middle Gedact).” Elsewhere Audsley defines Pileata Major as “a Mittelgedeckt, 8 ft.”. Wedgwood lists this stop as follows: “Mittelgedackt - (Ger.) Mittel = middle. 8 ft. A Gedeckt of medium power.”

See Pileata, Mittelflöte.


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