Minor Principal English

This stop is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A moderately loud, smaller-scaled Diapason of somewhat fewer than the normal train of harmonics and of either wood or metal construction, falling into one of the following three classifications:
  1. a second, smaller-scale Diapason 8' on any manual;
  2. a second, smaller-scale Octave on any manual;
  3. a second, smaller-scale Diapason 16' on the pedals.

Audsley mentions it only in passing, with no definition.

See Major Principal, Minor Diapason and Minor Octave.


Osiris contains only a single example:

Minor Principal 8', Choir; Church of St Batholomew, Armley, England; Schulze 1866-69.


Audsley[1]: Diapason, Wood. Irwin[1]: Minor Principal.
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