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Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A Chorus Reed of unison 8' manual pitch, sounding with unusual brilliance but comparative freedom from the dissonant clang that characterizes most Trumpets and Trompettes. In its ideal form it is made from solid brass resonators of exponential shape, such as are seen in the Gottfried Trumpet. The polished, smooth bells of these pipes deliver the ultimate in number of overtones without overwhelming loudness. Sometimes a precious metal, like silver is included in the alloy for some variety of timbre. This is a Solo Organ Reed in a few larger churches or cathedrals, and its cymbal-like tones may be heard at the Elevation in some rites. Occasionally the pipes are horizontal in the organ's screen, which allows them to sound their tones without the loss of power into the great air spaces of the building. The Trompette delivers fewer overtones, more power, but more dissonance than this unusually clean and ethereal stop.
See Trompette en Chamade, State Trumpet.


Liturgical Trumpet 8', Solo; Cathedral of St. Raymond, Joliet, Illinois, USA; Wicks 1954. This is the only known example.


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