Lieblich Flute German/English
Lieblichflöt[e] German

On classical organs this name is used for a Lieblichgedeckt of 4' pitch. On theatre organs it is a synonym for Lieblich Gedeckt, and can be found at 8' or even 16' pitch. Wedgwood considers Gedecktflöte and Sanftflöte to be synonyms. Maclean considers Flûte d'Amour and Flûte Douce to be synonyms. The name comes from the German word lieblich, meaning “lovely”. Lieblichpfeif may be a synonym.


Osiris contains nearly as many examples of the bastardized Lieblich Flute as it does of the more correct Lieblichflöte, over two dozen of each. All are at 4' pitch except for a half dozen at 8'. No examples are known of the spelling Lieblichflöt, mentioned only by Adlung.


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