Gedacktflöte German
Gedecktflöte German

Mahrenholz describes this stop as follows:

After the stops Gedackt and Gedacktflöte were distinguished between (which happened since about 1600), the Gedacktflöte kept the original wide scale, whereas the Gedackt got a narrower scale, or, which was more rare, the Gedacktflöte had the same narrow scale as a Gedackt, but its flue was thinner and higher so it had less wind.

Audsley describes this stop as a medium-scale Gedeckt of 8' or 4' pitch. Adlung describes it as “a sweetly voiced Gedackt 16', 8' or 4'”, and Wedgwood considers it to be a synonym for Lieblichflöte. The name means “covered flute”.


Gedaktflöt Chormass
Gedaktflöt unter Chormass


Osiris contains 17 examples at 8' pitch, 32 examples at 4' and 3 at 2'.


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