Hornle (unknown)
Hornlein German

Listed only by Sumner, who describes it thus: “A two-rank compound stop: 2 ft. and 1-3/5 ft. or 1-3/5 ft. and 1 ft.” The word hornlein means “little horn”.

There are additional meanings for Hornlein. Compare with Hörnli.


All known examples of Hornle are given below.

Hörnle 2' + 1-3/5', Positiv; Convent Church, Weissenau near Ravensburg, Germany; Holzhey 1785-87.

Hörnle III 2-2/3', Echowerk; Monastery Church, Neresheim, Germany; Holzhey 1792-98.


Sumner[1]: Hornlein.
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