Holzregal German

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A short-resonatored Reed stop of 16', 8', or 4' on either manuals or pedals. Since its pipes are made from wood, it is less brilliant than the other Regals. It is brighter in timbre, however, than the Holzrankett, and even more likely to be droning, acid, pointed in brightness, or highly individualistic in some way in quality. Even these wooden pipes may be brilliant, but this variety of Regal mostly sounds with one of the softer tones of this group of stops. Since the metallic and scintillating effects of the metal resonators are not possible to it, there remains in most examples the audible piping and windy sound obvious in all of the Ranketts, Regals, and Kinuras. Its functions are to create individuality in some line of notes, usually with a soft flue, and occasionaly to build up a bright tone. It is, like all short-resonator Reeds, very much the artistic product of its voicer.


Ten examples in Osiris at 8' and 16' pitch, all from the latter half of the 20th century.


Irwin[1]: Holzregal.
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