Holzrankett German

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A form of Rankett with wooden resonators of short length, speaking at 8' or 4' on both manuals and pedals. It is much less bright and more muffled in tone than the usual metal form. But it has the sibilant, reedy, covered tone of the metal resonators. A few specimens also have a peculiar droning sound. The flood of higher partials that comes from its thin reeds resembles those of many Regals in effect, but Regals are more likely to be metallic and there is none of the brilliant whine in this stop. Neither does it have the nasality of the Oboe or the piercing, small tone of the Musette. Upon hearing it, perhaps as a pedal line of notes in the polyphonic style, the listener is immediately alerted to the fact that its timbre is unique; it stands out, but, interestingly enough, it is not loud. The manual and pedal ranks are both usable alone or as adjuncts to the flues.


Holzrankett 16', Brustwerk; Jesus Christus Kirche, Berlin, Germany. This is the only known example.


Irwin[1]: Holzrankett.
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