Grosse Fourniture French

This stop is mentioned only by Bedos, who says:

Incidentally, when more than one stop knob is labelled Grosse Fourniture, it indicates simply the Fourniture. The ranks have been divided between two sliders to avoid the excessive width of a single slider for four, five, six, or seven ranks.

He includes the stop in two of his large sample specifications. In both cases it appears on the Grand Orgue with III ranks, along with a Fourniture of IV ranks. Could both these stops comprise a single VII-rank mixture? He does not say.

Compare with Grande Fourniture.


Grosse Fourniture III
Grand Choeur; St. Denis, Paris, France; Cavaillé-Coll 1841
f'- 10-2/3' 8' 5-1/3'
f0-e' 5-1/3' 4' 2-2/3'
C-e0 2-2/3' 2' 1-1/3'

Grosse Fourniture IV
Solo; Studio 104, Radio France, Paris, France; Danion-Gonzales 1966
f''- 4' 2-2/3' 2' 1-1/3'
f0-e'' 2-2/3' 2' 1-1/3' 1'
C-e0 2' 1-1/3' 1' 2/3'


Osiris contains sixteen examples from II to VIII ranks, the earliest of which are listed here.

Grosse Fourniture IV, Grand Choeur; St. Sulpice, Paris, France; Cavaillé-Coll 1861. Osiris lists this stop as having been part of the Clicquot organ of 1781, but there it bore the name Fourniture.

Grosse Fourniture III 2-2/3', Grand Orgue; St. Denis, Paris, France; Cavaillé-Coll 1841.


Bedos[1]: § 174, 1268.
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