Grand Fourniture French
Grande Fourniture French

Grand Fourniture is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A brilliant and full-toned mixture stop on the manuals, designed to complete the chorus of harmonic pitches in the 16' or 8' series of stops. It is made from open metal Diapasons. It extends the Chorus upward in pitch, making a structure of sound thaqt is rich and most typically organ-like in timbre. Pedal examples also exist. The Tierce of 1-3/5' is usually supplied by another mixture or independent.

See Fourniture; compare with Grosse Fourniture.


Grande Fourniture II, Grand Orgue; St. Maximin, France; Isnard 1772-73.

g'' 10-2/3'8'
c'' 8'5-1/3'
c' 5-1/3'4'
c 4'2-2/3'
C 2-2/3'2'

Grande Fourniture VIII, Grand Orgue; Eglise (Basilique) Collegiale de St-Quentin, France; Erman-Haerpfer, 1968.

c'' 58 12 15 19192222
c' 8 12 15 19 22 262629
C 12 15 19 22 26262929

Grand Fourniture VII, Solo; Girard College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Skinner 1928.

c'-b' 158 12151719
c-b 58 1215171922
C-B 8 121517192226
CC-BB 12151719222629


Osiris lists about thirty examples, ranging from two to eight ranks. All are from the 20th century except for the one listed below.

Grande Fourniture II, Grand Orgue; Basilica, St. Maximin, France; Isnard 1772-1773.


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