Grosse Cymbale French

This stop is mentioned by Bedos only in his largest sample specification, where it appears in the Grand Orgue with III ranks, along with a Cymbale of IV ranks. His only description is “starting at 4' pitch”, whereas the Cymbale starts at 1-1/3'. Audsley mentions this stop only to cite the St.-Denis example, without any description.

See Grosse Fourniture; compare with Grobcymbel.


Osiris lists only three examples:

Grosse Cymbale III, Grand Orgue; St. Denis, Paris, France; Cavaille-Coll 1841. While Osiris lists this stop as having III ranks, Audsley claims it has IV.

Grosse Cymbale V, Grand-Orgue; St. Peter's, Vatican City, Rome, Italy; Cavaille-Coll 1875.

Grosse Cymbale VI, Grand Choeur; St.-Sulpice, Paris, France; Clicquot 1781.


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