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Gemshornquinte German
Gemsquint[e] German
Quintgemshorn German

A Quint made from Gemshorn pipes, of 10-2/3', 5-1/3', 2-2/3', or 1-1/3' pitch. Regnier gives the synonym Cylinder-Quinte, but probably incorrectly.

Compare with Gemshorn Twelfth, Spitzquinte, and Cylinderquint.


Lieblich[e] Gemsquinte


Osiris contains seven examples of Gemshornquint[e], one at 10-2/3' pitch and the rest at 2-2/3', and a dozen examples of Gemsquinte, five at 2-2/3' pitch and seven at 1-1/3'. Nearly all date from the 20th century. No examples are known of Quintgemshorn (mentioned only by Adlung).

Gemshorn Quint 1-1/3', Choir; Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Reuter 1995.

Gemshornquinte 2-2/3', Manual III; Willibrordi-Dom, Wesel, Germany; Sauer 1896.

Gemshorn Quint 10-2/3', Pedal; St. Paul's Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Casavant 1914.


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