Gemshorn Twelfth English

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A Foundation stop at the Twelfth's pitch of 2-2/3' on the manuals, and 5-1/3' on the pedals, sounding from Gemshorn pipes. It is a moderately soft Twelfth in most examples, since it is of smaller scale than either the Octave or unison Gemshorns. It has all of the function of the Twelfth, and makes a useful Twelfth with the Strings, Diapasons, and all flues of light tone. It cannot be substituted for the regular Twelfth. It sometimes functions like the Copula.

Compare with Gemshorn Quint.


Gemshorn Twelfth 2-2/3', Choir-Swell; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey; USA; Midmer-Losh 1929-32.


Irwin[1]: Gemshorn Twelfth.
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