Flûte Octaviante Harmonique French
Flûte Octaviente Harmonique French

Audsley cites Flûte Octaviante Harmoniqueit as a form of Flûte Harmonique that appears at 4' pitch in the Grand Orgue and Récit-Écho Expressif divisions of the organ in the Royal Church of Saint-Denis near Paris, constructed by Cavaillé-Coll in 1841. Osiris, however, lists those stops as Flûte Octaviante. Hopkins & Rimbault list the corrupted spelling Flûte Octaviente Harmonique, and call it a favorite of English organ builders.

See Flûte Octavin Harmonique.


No examples of Flûte Octaviente Harmonique are known. Contributions welcome. The only known example of Flûte Octaviante Harmonique is listed below.

Flute Octaviante Harmonique 4', Great; Royal Albert Hall, London, England; Henry Willis 1872.


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