Flûte Octaviante French

According to Wedgwood, Locher and Skinner, this is a synonym for Flûte Harmonique. Audsley describes it as an open flute of 4' pitch made from metal or wood, being harmonic “in its most effective form”, and then called Flute Octaviante Harmonique. Wedgwood also reports: “The true Octaviante, very seldom met with, is said first to touch the ground tone and then leap into the octave. An example is said to exist at Washington Temple, U.S.A. (Kimball Co.).”


Osiris contains over 150 examples, all at 4' pitch except for four at 8' pitch which are listed below.

Flute Octaviante 8', Recit Expressif; Tchaikowskij Conservatory, Moscow, Russia; Cavaille-Coll 1899.

Flute Octaviante 8', Recit; St. Fridolins, Muenster, Bad Saeckingen, Germany; Klais 1993.

Flute Octaviante 8', Positiv; Smetana Hall, Prague, Czechoslovakia; Voit/Tucek 1912.

Flute Octaviante 8', Mittelwerk; Ulm, Muenster, Germany; Walcker 1967-69.

Sound Clips

Flûte Octaviante 4', Récit Expressive St. Bernhard, Mainz, Germany Cavaillé-Coll, 1872-1892 arpeggio St. Anne


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