Echo Dulciana English

A softer and smaller scaled Dulciana. Audsley describes its tone as midway between the Dulciana and the Vox Angelica, while Bonavia-Hunt calls it a pianissimo diapason. Maclean considers it practically identical to the Aeoline. According to Audsley, the width of the mouth should not exceed 1/5 the pipe's diameter, with a cut-up of 1/5 to 1/3. He gives the following scale, with a ratio of 1:2.66:

CC C c1 c2 c3 c4
2.84" 1.74" 1.06" 0.65" 0.40" 0.24"

According to Wedgwood, Dolcissimo and Dulcissima have been used as synonyms for the Echo Dulciana.


Echo Dulciana Celeste
Echo Dulciana Mixture


Echo Dulciana 8', Swell; Abbey Church, Dorchester-on-Thames, England; Willis 1864.

Echo Dulciana 8', Choir; Town Hall, Wellington, New Zealand; Norman & Beard 1906 (restored 1986).

Echo Dulciana 8', Echo; International YMCA, Jerusalem, Israel; Austin 1931.


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